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Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat - Game One

There is simply no denying that the future of the Chicago Bulls franchise seems to be looking bleaker by the day.  Everyone knows the tragic story of how Derrick Rose’s knees appear to be made out of glass; causing him to miss an excruciating amount of time. To make matters worse for loyal Bulls fans the Bulls then traded away Luol Deng for essentially nothing besides salary cap relief and potential draft picks; making it almost impossible for many fans to care about the rest of this season.

All hope is not lost, I assure you that the night is darkest right before dawn. The Bulls’ championship chances may have evaporated this season with the destruction of Derrick Rose’s right meniscus but the bulls still have plenty left to play for this season.

Many people, me included, firmly believe that once Rose went down the Bulls’ best option would be to tank and try and secure a high draft pick. That still seems like the logical option but even if the Bulls make the playoffs it will not be the end of the world.

Suppose that the Bulls sneak into the playoffs as the seven seed, setting themselves up for a first round matchup with their hated rival the Miami Heat, the presumed two seed. Now we all know this probably will not end well for the Bulls but just humor me for  a second and imagine that they pull off the upset. This may not be as crazy as it seems because The Heat do not look like the same team that they did last season.

I guarantee that every player on the Bulls would like nothing more than to send Lebron and company home packing, The chances of this monumental upset taking place are very slim to none but we are still free to dream are we not? Even if the Bulls get swept in the next round they still eliminated the Heat. Who would dare call that season anything but a success?

If the Bulls do not make the playoffs that will mean that the Bulls will have an offseason full of nothing but opportunities. I will wait to speculate on these opportunities until a later date when the picture becomes clearer. The point remains that it is a rare situation when a good amount of your fan base is actually rooting for you not to make the postseason. This is the situation the Bulls currently find themselves in and it is completely backwards.

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The personalities on this team simply will not allow for them to give anything than their best effort. Is that not a characteristic that every fan desires to see in his favorite team? The dream of Jabari Parker and Derrick Rose being teammates competing for championships over the next ten years is nothing but pure fantasy.

This team will always work hard and try their hardest to please their fans no matter how talented they actually are. Collectively as a fan base we need to stop complaining about our favorite team winning games and appreciate the fact that despite the tragedies taking place around them this team is always going to compete.

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