Is Quinn Cook ready for the NBA?

After a slow start, Quinn Cook has been playing really well for the Duke Blue Devils lately.  He has been doing everything this team needs from him on the offensive side of the ball.  He is averaging six assists and fourteen points.  He has had games where he has been scoring twenty points.

He has been doing exactly what this team needs of him for the most part.  When Jabari Parker was struggling, he picked up his scoring against Notre Dame by contributing 22 points.  While against Eastern Michigan he only had three points, but picked up seven assists.  He has picked up his play for the most part this season, and it has showed.  He has had seven games of seven or more assists for this Blue Devils team, and had three games of twenty or more points.Quinn Cook

He has also showed signs of how good his defense can be.  In the game against UCLA he recorded 8 steals.  In some games he has really showed his potential on the defense side of the ball.  His defense is one of the most important on this team because he sets the tone.  In the games he has played well you can see a big difference in the team’s overall defense and the final score.

He has been playing great for most of the season with only a couple games where he didn’t play well, but those were against the team best team’s they have played so far.  He didn’t play well against Kansas or Arizona.  These stick out because they were on the biggest stage, and were against the better competition.  He will have more chances to compete against some of the better teams in college basketball, and will really get to show how far he has come.

The rest of this season is important for Cook to see if he is ready for the NBA.  He is a great point guard, but has lacked the consistency early in his career.  If he can keep playing this way throughout the season he could look at the NBA after this season.

This could be really important for Cook, because of the incoming freshmen class.  It will bring in Tyus Jones who is the number one point guard in the class.  This is what would drive him even thinking to go to the NBA this season.  The NBA class this season is going to be a great class, and would hurt Cook if he does decide to come out this season.

Cook is a great player who can play in the NBA, last season he didn’t show that he could be consistent enough.  This season so far he hasn’t showed that he can play great against the top teams.  This season the biggest games left are against Syracuse, North Carolina, and the NCAA tournament if he can be consistent in those games he could think about entering the NBA draft.  However, in a great draft class he would only be a late first round pick at best this year.