MSU Sports: 10 things Mark Hollis could mean by “2018” Tweets

Over the course of the past week, Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis has left several subtle hints through his Twitter account about what the year 2018 could potentially have in store for MSU Sports.

MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis (left) pictured with MSU football coach Mark Dantonio.

MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis (left) pictured with MSU football coach Mark Dantonio.

Here are the tweets:




And then lastly, with Hollis out in California for meetings, he sent this one out…


What could be going through his head, only God know’s what, leaving many people to wonder what could possibly be happening in 2018. But to aid you in the thinking process, here is a list (in no particular order) of ten things Hollis could possibly mean by these Tweets:

1. Alcatraz

Here’s the first ludicrous idea to be expelled in this article: Hollis has brainstormed the idea to renovate the old basketball courts the prisoners played on in the Alcatraz prison and play a game there to open the year against the nearby University of California-Berkley.

2. Cedar Point

Alright, there may be some debate on whether this is really an island or a peninsula but in his Tweet, Hollis did seem a little confused on what to call it as well. So in that case, it probably means there is going to be a basketball game played somewhere on Cedar Point against a small Ohio School like Bowling Green, Akron or Toledo.

3. Mackinac Island

While it might be a nightmare getting all the people on and off the island to see the Michigan State football team or basketball team in action somewhere on the island, it certainly would be cool to see the Spartans play a game there, even if it were just a preseason basketball scrimmage against Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo’s alma mater, Northern Michigan.

4. Commemoration of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald 

The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was a Great Lakes Freighter that sunk in Lake Superior on November 10, 1975. Maybe Hollis in some way wants to commemorate this by having a game on an island in Lake Superior somewhere and also having the popular 1960’s and ’70’s singer Gordon Lightfoot, whose hit song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” in 1976 reached No. 2 in the charts, sing the national anthem for the event.

5. Guam

It sounds insane but there is a football stadium on Guam called the Guam National Football Stadium. It currently only seats about 1,000 people but hey, nothing a little bit of Rose Bowl money can’t fix up. Also, Guam is United States military base right? So how about the Michigan State Football team goes out and plays a game against Hawaii in front of veterans on Guam to open up the season on Labor Day?

6. Long Island

Maybe Hollis is just messing with everybody and the basketball team is just going to go and play a game on Long Island in New York (it is windy there) against LIU-Brooklyn.

7. Navy Pier in Chicago

Well Chicago certainly is windy. Perhaps Hollis wants to construct another basketball court on another boat of some sort and have the game there.

8. Aloha Stadium in Hawaii

Last year rumors circulated of there potentially being  four basketball games being played at once on the field of Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Well, the idea never came to fruition. But now that Hollis has the creative juices flowing once again, maybe he’s thinking even bigger for this next idea. Maybe he wants to do the same thing, but only outdoors on the field of Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also, according to, Honolulu is the 67th windiest city in the United States with an average wind speed of 11.3 mph.

9. Belle Isle in Detroit

Maybe there are plans in the works to construct a football stadium on Belle Isle where the Michigan and Michigan State football teams will then play their games against each other every year.

10. Florida Keys 

How about some strange preseason basketball tournament thought up by Hollis where the first round of games is played on one of the Keys that is farther out? And each time a team wins, it moves on to play a game on the next key closest to Florida until the championship game is eventually played in Miami.

  • Ray Gibson

    Guam is not a Military Base, we are a territory of the United States of America. In addition to the Navy, Air Force and soon, Marines; there are also 165,000 civilian American Citizens. There is no National Stadium, google maps got that wrong. it’s an old Dog Racing track!