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The Boston Celtics were just recently involved in a three team trade, in which they sent the enigmatic Jordan Crawford, and seldom used Marshon Brooks to the Golden State Warriors, and in return the Miami Heat gave the Celtics little used backup center Joel Anthony and two future draft picks ( The Heat received backup point guard Toney Douglas). This wasn’t an earth shattering deal by any means, but significant nonetheless.

It is no coincidence that Crawford became dispensable once word came that star point guard Rajon Rondo would be returning. Crawford was arguably the best player on the Celtics, especially in the beginning of the season, but as I stated last week, his play had started to trend backwards into his old enigmatic ways of being a ball hog. That isn’t a trait that meshes with what point guards should be doing. At this point Crawford isn’t likely to change his ways, and the Celtics are better off without him on the team.

Marshon Brooks, who came over in the offseason trade involving Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry, showed flashes in his rookie season, but has since become a marginal NBA player. He could very likely be out of the league shortly, unless he can impress the Warriors coaching staff.

The Miami Heat have been waiting to dump Joel Anthony for some time now, and the Celtics happen to be the ones who now currently employ him. After this season, Anthony has one more left under contraction for $3.8 million. While Anthony can be a useful defensive player, he is almost worthless on the other end of the court. The Celtics would be glad if he could help show the young players on the team how to be professional, as well as, bringing some championship mettle, and experience from his stay with the back to back champions.

The mercurial Rajon Rondo returned to action against the Los Angeles Lakers, and didn’t have much impact on the game, but it was a nice sight to behold for the Celtics franchise and it’s fans. His return allowed the organization to get rid of Crawford, who more than likely would’ve moved over to shooting guard when Rondo returned. I’m assuming head coach Brad Stevens is just fine without Crawford on the team, as he got just about all he could out of the shooting guard stuck in a point guard’s frame.

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The Celtics also received a couple draft picks from Miami as well, one a second rounder, and a protected first round pick that could eventually become another second rounder as well. These are moves made by Danny Ainge in order to gain assets for future acquisitions. His stock piling picks should help shape the Celtics future one way or another. Ainge is hoping that these draft picks will eventually be the next Manu Ginobli, or will be enough incentive for another team to make the Celtics their trade partners.

With the Celtics trudging closer and closer to the bottom of the standings, the happier Ainge and company will be come draft time. Not the best way to go through a season, but rebuilding for the future in the NBA starts with all those losses in December and January.

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