Milwaukee Bucks’ future plans

As the Bucks continue their march to the worst record in the NBA, there is still time for the Bucks to make changes for the roster to help build a better future.

For the current roster there could be a few trades that the Bucks could swing to help themselves. Currently they are winless in the New Year, and are on a seven-game losing streak. I think that any roster moves couldn’t make this team any worse than what it is going through right now.

The first player that comes to mind that could use a fresh start on a new team would be guard Gary Neal. After an argument with center Larry Sanders after a loss to the Phoenix Suns, there have been rumors that the Bucks are working on trying to trade Neal before the Feb. 20 trade deadline. The club is standing seems more content with keeping Sanders because he signed a four-year contract with the team before the season started. A few teams that could use Neal’s presence would be the Oklahoma Thunder, Miami Heat or Memphis Grizzlies.

Another player the Bucks could try to move is guard O.J. Mayo. I think that he is a solid shooter but for $8 million a year the Bucks should try to get either a draft pick or a player who can be paid less. This Bucks team is struggling and with a team so young, they might try to develop the younger players so that they become better in the future. I think that any contender that is looking to add a solid scoring threat to come off of the bench should try to trade for the USC product.

I think that the Bucks have a core that can eventually be a consistent contender. I think that the Bucks should build around the Greek Freak, Brandon Knight, Larry Sanders and John Henson. I think that the Greek Freak, Knight and Henson are all players that can continue to grow and improve to lead the Bucks to the playoffs. Of those players I think that the Greek Freak has the best chance of becoming a star just by the way he hustles and brings a certain confidence to the team.  The Bucks need to draft a star that can bring the team out from the worst record in the NBA and team up with the Greek Freak and build a solid one-two combo in the same way that the Oklahoma City Thunder are built around Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Because of their terrible record the Bucks are on their way to giving themselves the best chance to land the number one pick in a load 2014 draft. If the Bucks land the number one pick there are a few players that could come out early and help the Bucks rebuild faster.

Joel Embiid is a center from Kansas that has been making a buzz in college basketball. He seems the most raw but given the most time could develop into a franchise.

Embiid’s teammate Andrew Wiggins is another player that could take the Bucks from mediocrity and into greatness.

Julius Randle is a freshman from Kentucky that is highly touted and expected to be a lottery pick.

Lastly is freshman guard Jabari Parker from Duke. He can score in a hurry and carry a team, which is exactly what the Bucks need.

What other moves should the Bucks make to improve their team in the future? Leave your thought in the comments section below.

  • C.DOGG

    Out of time. The team can’t keep starting from scratch every couple years, rarely showing a pulse and falling into the 8th seed a couple times per decade. It’s tough enough to attract or keep promising players in a cold, small market city with a decaying arena and near extinct fan base. And c’mon…”build a 1 2 punch combo like DURANT & RUSSELL”!!!??

    This team is on life support in every level. The owner should end his own sentimental suffering (Bless ya Herb) and end the embarrassment for the city. . Put the Bucks to sleep and allow them to b reincarnated elsewhere!