The Los Angeles Lakers continued descent into the doldrums of the Western Conference

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The Los Angeles Lakers are only two games behind the Utah Jazz for the worst record in the Western Conference. This is clearly an ugly season, but not entirely unexpected due to the lack of talent on this squad, and injuries that have hijacked the seasons of two of their would be starters. What is scary to think about is that if the Lakers were in the Eastern Conference, they would be right in the thick of the playoff hunt, showing truly how miserable the Eastern Conference is right now.

The Lakers have lost twelve of their last fourteen games, not something they have been accustomed to for quite a while. The sad part for the Lakers, and their fans, is that it doesn’t look to get better any time soon. Kobe Bryant will be out for awhile, and who knows what he’ll be like when he comes back. As said before here in these parts, Steve Nash should just call it quits, it is over for him unfortunately.

Bryant has said that the Lakers record wouldn’t dictate whether or not he’ll make it back this season, which is clearly just his tenacious competitive streak speaking. There really is no point in him coming back, the Lakers aren’t making the playoffs, and if Bryant were to return, he possibly jeopardize a better drafting position, if he were to play well, and help the Lakers win some games that they would otherwise lose. Hopefully Bryant will reconsider his position regarding this subject, and take the rest of the year off to get healthy. It would be nice to see him go off into retirement still being able to play relatively well, instead of gimping off into the sunset.

Speaking of disappointing news in Lakerland, the marvelous Magic Johnson stated that hiring Mike D’Antoni was the incorrect decision. While I can understand Johnson’s disappointment in the way everything has gone for the Lakers the past couple seasons, really, how much can you put that on D’Antoni. It is a bit ridiculous, to be honest with you, as not even “Big Chief Triangle”, Phil Jackson, would’ve gotten the Lakers any further than what they’ve been doing the last year and a half. I’m not even sure D’Antoni would be upset if the Lakers did fire him, because with the way they are trending into the future, it doesn’t look to bright.

Despite all of the negativity, there have been some positive developments in the last couple of weeks. Rookie point guard Kendall Marshall has played well since being inserted into the lineup. While it could just be fool’s gold, it is a development to watch, if he can at least maintain this level of play.Pau Gasol has also been playing well as of late, continuing to raise his field goal percentage, as well as, rebounding the ball. While it may not seem like a big deal, the suspension of Nick Young, in which he was involved in a fracas with the Phoenix Suns, was heartening to see for the Lakers fans and organization. He seemingly is one of the most laid back players in the NBA, so to see the competitiveness emerge was thrilling to see, even for Kobe Bryant.