Boston Celtics name Rajon Rondo captain in his season debut

Boston Celtics

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The Boston Celtics’ superstar point guard finally returned Friday night against the Lakers. Rajon Rondo’s ACL tear kept him out for nearly a year, but now he is back and ready to put this Celtics team on his shoulders.

Rondo scored 8 points and distributed 3 assists in limited minutes in his season debut. Spurts of the Rajon Rondo that basketball fans know and love were shown, but of course he is not all quite there. Rondo displayed his famous behind-the-back pass fake that has been a staple in Celtics’ point guard’s skillful arsenal. However, signs of rust were also very visible.

Prior to the game, the Celtics named Rondo the captain of the team. There is now a “C” branded on his jersey. Rondo fully embraced this role of a leader on a team with young developing players. According to the Boston Celtics Twitter, Rondo was asked about his thoughts on being named the captain of the team. He replied, “It didn’t really hit me at first. I was trying to lock in. I didn’t really have time to take it in, but I believe I’m a pretty much a born leader.” This was a typical response from the nonchalant and somewhat cocky point guard.

For the past couple of seasons there have been many trade rumors associated with Rondo, but by naming him captain of the team, the Boston Celtics have established Rajon Rondo as the centerpiece of this storied franchise. He is no longer a trade rumor, but the core of this team that will be built around to once again accomplish success in Boston.

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Celtics fans should be proud of this announcement; Rondo is a highly-skilled point guard. He possesses arguably the best passing ability in the game today. He is also a great playmaker and distributor.

Many experts and former players call Rondo the “second Tom Brady in Boston” for his remarkable quarterback-like abilities. First, his uncanny ability to make certain plays in extremely tough situations is similar to quarterbacks in the NFL. Basically, he makes something out of nothing. Second, Rondo possesses the skill of putting his teammates in the position to make high-percentage shots. The Celtics’ All-Star point guard has a keen eye for the open man and his great way of misdirecting the opponents’ eyes is truly remarkable.

This kind of unselfish pure point guard is what Boston needs and by naming him captain, the Celtics have indicated that Rondo will be in Beantown for a while, which is something all Celtics fans should be excited to witness.

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