North Carolina in the NFL: Nicks` year full of problems

Seems that Nicks has many things go wrong this season with the Giants

Seems that Nicks has many things go wrong this season with the Giants

While things might be looking up somewhat for the UNC basketball team, which defeated Boston College for its first ACC victory of the season on Saturday, the same can not be said when it comes to a former North Carolina football player, New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, or better said, probably ex NY Giants.


But there might be more than just a break up between player and franchise when it comes to this. Ian Rapoport reported that the Giants fined several times Nicks last season for being late to meetings and missing treatment. While this comes as a surprise, since nothing was said about these fines during the season, in the off-season the Giants head man, Tom Coughlin, did comment about the former Tar Heel wide out missing several work outs.

Everyone knows that number 88 has been nagged by injuries in the last couple of years, but this news is not going to help him find the contract he was looking for. Gone is the big time contract a lot thought he could get with a good season. Gone is a chance to stay around for the come back of the Giants in 2014-15 and now with the news he was fined several times over the year more and more chances for him to get a good pay out is getting smaller and smaller. But in a league where some franchises tend to overspend, the fire might be dim, but it’s definitely not out, for a good size contract.

Ian Rapoport says that Nick is not a bad guy, and was not the only one to miss treatment or be late for meetings. However on a year where it meant a lot for both the team and the player, doing such things just frustrated the Giants.


We all know that in sports both front offices and coaching staffs might be somewhat forgiving with players that make mistakes. But they are that way if said player is producing. Hakeem Nicks hasn’t done so in a while and has been on the decline for several seasons. Maybe, looking at the bigger picture, this is what the receiver needs to jolt him back into the reality that nothing is given to anyone.

In the end, it will be interesting which team will look for a player that could be a true number one if he is healthy and in the right set of mind, or will the Giants re think this and try to hang on to a wide out they had so much promise in.