What Happens if Wayne Rooney Leaves Manchester United?

What if Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, England’s most prized striker, decided to call quits at his time at United?  How would this affect Manchester United and most importantly, the current crop of players now?

Manchester United prized Wayne Rooney from Everton in 2008 in a £25 million transfer.  At the time, Wayne Rooney was only a 18 year old wonder kid that caught the attention of the then legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.  He had scored 17 goals in 43 appearances at his boyhood club which convinced Ferguson to splash the cash on him. Wayne Rooney in Action at Everton Then in his first season at United, youngster Wayne Rooney would score 19 goals in 48 appearances where he would receive the Sir Matt Bubsy Player of the Year award and the PFA Young Player of the Year award as well.  Rooney would go onto claim a spot in Manchester United’s history by becoming the club’s 4th all time top scorer with Sir Bobby Charlton convincing Rooney to stay and beat his record of 249 goals.  This would seem like a goal that Rooney can achieve considering he’s only 28 years old and may seemingly be able to surpass his record with ease when you consider his ability.

Wayne Rooney is not only a deadly striker who is lethal in front of goal but he is an incredibly efficient playmaker as well.  Combined with 109 assists to his great goal ratio, Wayne Rooney is deemed to be the most complete striker in the game today.  He is so vital to Manchester United’s passing game that if and when he does have a bad game, the other squad players will usually follow in his footsteps.  But when Rooney is in form, he turns United into a world class team that can compete and challenge any team in the world.  Wayne RooneyHis never say die efforts have formed the club’s spirit into a fighting machine that is not going to give up until the last minute of the match no matter the scoreline.  Rooney is a winner and will always want to be a winner no matter what.

Now imagine if Wayne Rooney rejected Manchester United’s approaches of having him sign a contract extension and began looking at other offers from other clubs.  How would Manchester United deal with the loss of their most decorated players?  United have already lost great players in the past especially since Cristiano Ronaldo left for Real Madrid whom they still have yet to find the right replacement.  So if they can’t find the right replacement for Ronaldo, then how will the board be able to find the replacement for Wayne Rooney?

Manchester United can’t afford to let their superstars leave the club so they have a chance to rebuild their squad around these players so that they can compete on multiple fronts and win titles.  However, if Rooney were to leave then that would only seem like a fantasy and it could possibly start a trend for more United players to leave the club.    Disallowing Wayne Rooney would not only keep their prized asset but it will keep the other players happy to stay at the club.

Manchester United need a revival to save their season and can do this by buying some big names and splash more cash on more promising players like Marco Reus and Ilkay Gundogan so that they can change their fortunes and change Wayne Rooney’s mind in that they can still bring in superstar players.  If Rooney is lost, then Manchester United will fall and a turn around won’t likely happen in the near future.  The club needs to act and it needs to do so quickly.