Seattle Seahawks: Richard Sherman didn’t need to apologize

By now, Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with Erin Andrews following the Seattle Seahawks’ NFC Championship win has been viewed by millions. Sherman has received a ton of criticism regarding the brief emotional response to Andrews’ questioning, but it seems as if the majority of those millions have not bothered to watch the interviews that occurred later on. In those, he was given time to calm down after the emotional tidal wave that is earning a trip to the Super Bowl. That reflection time showed the real side of Richard Sherman, and the brief interview with Andrews is not what should be focused on right now. In fact, Sherman didn’t even need to apologize for his comments.

Andrews snagged him for a post-game interview literally minutes after he made the huge play that saved the Seahawks’ Super Bowl hopes. The adrenaline that had to be in him after that and once the clock hit zero had to be astounding. FOX should not have roped Sherman into an immediate interview without giving him a chance to calm himself.  You’re just asking for trouble  when you don’t give a player known for his emotional playing style any time to center himself for a nationally televised interview.

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Richard Sherman’s game-saving play shortly before his interview. (Photo:

Had he been given time, he would have said something akin to his post-game interview with Terry Bradshaw and Co. as well as his press conference, in which he thanked and praised the 12th man and his teammates who stepped up during the game. He was much more humble in those later two interviews, and that’s the real side of Sherman. He’s an incredible team player and loves the Seattle community. Because his interview with Andrews contains content so radically different from his normally composed post-game interviews, people who don’t follow the Seattle Seahawks and Sherman are quick to label him negatively. It’s unfair to Sherman.

And anyway, isn’t Sherman the best corner in the game right now? His stats speak for themselves, as he’s said himself in past interviews. If I had to choose a guy to be on an island  for my team against a good receiver, I’d pick Sherman immediately. He’s incredibly talented and has an immensely bright future in front of him.

I don’t believe Sherman had to apologize for what he said. He wasn’t given time to collect himself, and his trash-talking reputation is so well-known that I’m halfway surprised FOX wasn’t hesitant having Andrews approach him while he was still incredibly excited.

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I mentioned this earlier, but the things he said in that interview are so different from his usual post-game comments, it’s surprising people criticized him right away instead of being entertained. Heck, when I saw it live, I laughed. It was so refreshing that it was great entertainment. I could also just tell how hyped up he still was, and so his animated comments could almost be expected. It’s like when Kevin Garnett was interviewed immediately after the Celtics won the NBA Finals. Remember him yelling and crying “Anything is possible!”? Remember how slightly weird and entertaining it was to watch? Yeah. These guys just accomplished a major feat. Give them a minute to collect themselves before you ask your usual, boring questions.

It’s a moot point, since Sherman already apologized, but it wasn’t really necessary. Sherman gave the media a refreshing, albeit unexpected, interview, which never should have happened immediately after the game. Sherman deserved time to enjoy the emotions and then collect himself before being snagged for an interview. And it goes for any athlete who just made a huge play and accomplished a huge goal.

I would think athletes like Sherman would have earned that much.

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