San Francisco 49ers: Loss does not equal lost season


San Francisco 49ersIt was the Super Bowl all over again.  The San Francisco 49ers had not played their best game.  They had made mistake after mistake and committed turnovers in the most inopportune times but they still managed to fight back and give themselves an opportunity to win the game.

Just like in last year’s Super Bowl, Colin Kaepernick drove the 49ers down the field and was a single play away from winning the thing but was denied in the end zone.

Thinking of Richard Sherman’s tipped ball at first eclipses the entire 49ers season and labels it as an utter failure; after all this team filled with immense talent was supposed to win it all.  But thinking that way would deprive us of the most important thing of all: the journey in its entirety.

Although it’s true that in the end only one team is truly happy, I’m here to say that the San Francisco 49ers had an excellent season.  In what has now become a quarterback-driven league, the 49ers managed to play a physical brand of football that was exciting to watch and gave Candlestick park the goodbye it deserved.  There were some players like NaVorro Bowman and Eric Reid who emerged as stars on the defensive side of the ball and although Kaepernick had an up and down season, he showed that he can carry a team in the playoffs.

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There were plays like Frank Gore’s 51-yard run against the Seahawks and Bowman’s pick six against the Falcons that put 49er nation in an extreme frenzy and showed why the game of football is the nation’s number one love.

So instead of playing the blame game and before fans start playing GM, take a moment to look back on a team, a group of guys that will never all share the same locker room again, and realize that they went 12-4 and went to a third straight NFC championship.   Yes, the sixth Super Bowl championship remains the ultimate goal, but that should not take away from enjoying the ride that this current group has provided.

  • Ger

    We had an incredible season. This team , while being shorthanded at the beginning of the season, toughed it out and played as a team the entire season long. They can say what they want. I don’t care. I’m proud of my San Francisco 49ers!!! And I’ll be right here next season . We’ve already hit bottom a few years ago. We have only one way to go. We’re gonna be a team to be reckoned with for the next several years. Because we don’t give up. We don’t accept anything less than winning. We had a winning season. We were far better than most teams. I still think we are the best team in NFL.
    See ya next year folks.

  • flyhigh33

    Looking for silver linings… but the losses are what preserves and intensifies focus. The early SeaThug loss and to the Colts were more of a wake-up I guess, and the Saints loss really wasn’t. But this team (I really, really hope) can keep its core together and gallop into next season without mercy. This is a supremely talented team that now has a nasty disposition.

  • Marty

    Great season, the players put it all on the line. Next year will be another season with many changes. Several keys players are getting up in age & three years of playoff runs are taking there toll. I doubt Bowman can come back next season, surgery happens in Feb. If he does, no way will he be the same. In the NFL, these windows rarely happen & they will close very quickly.
    If the 49ers do not address the passing attack, it will not matter. Third year for this coaching staff. The 49ers are second to the worst in the NFL this year & the QB is killing this team in big games. To many turn overs & to many receivers running down the field wide open. In the NFL you have to have a efficient QB & a passing game.

  • Peter A. Wadsworth

    Sorry but I have to disagree with the use of the word “excellent”. The drubbings by Seattle and the Colts in consecutive weeks were the opposite of excellent. And the losses to Carolina and New Orleans represented sub par performances Kaepernick did not have an excellent game after Green Bay. He had several sub 200 yard passing games and never really broke out of his sophomore slump. Check the rankings. I don’t think the offense was even average. My conclusion: the defense was excellent except for some vulnerability to the long ball, but the offense needs some serious work. Perhaps lucky would be a better description than excellent. Lucky to have gotten as far as they did and lucky the defense could carry the offense. As a 49er faithful, I hope Harbaugh can figure out how to fix what ‘s clearly not working.

  • vacairri patterson

    Yeah over all 49ers had a great season it started off a little slow but they pull together as a team and kept fighting that’s why I always love the 49ers.