The latest information on MSU football recruit Jayru Campbell

Another YouTube video of — and a radio interview about — MSU recruit Jayru Campbell have surfaced in the last 24 hours, shedding more light on the incident involving Campbell’s bodyslam of a school security guard at Cass Tech High School in Detroit.

This new angle of the video sheds a little more light on what led up to the body slam. In the video, Campbell appears to be involved in a conversation with the security guard. The conversation apparently lasts long enough for multiple people to pull out their cell phones and start recording. As Campbell walks away from the conversation, he appears to push the security guard with his right hand. The push causes the security guard to take a step back. The security guard then gets up in Campbell’s face. From there it is hard to see what happens in the second or two before the body slam. Did the security guard push back? Did Campbell push again? It is difficult to tell. Watch for yourself:

Remember, just because someone is arrested, does not mean that they will be charged with a crime. Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press reported via Twitter today:

Regardless of what the Wayne County prosecutor decides to do, Campbell’s future is cloudy. In an interview Thursday with former-Lansing State Journal writer-turned-radio-broadcaster Jack Ebling, Rico Beard — a contributing writer for — says that football is the least of Campbell’s worries right now:

It was… so many things just wrong with that situation. I think that it’s one of those things that I told a lot of parents of recruits (who called) last night… everybody is watching you… You slip up one time and your entire life changes. And his life is now changed. He had to spend the evening in jail. Your football career has taken a major hit. Don’t necessarily know if the Michigan States and the Alabamas and the Notre Dames are still that interested in you. Because they’re big-time programs and you’re the quarterback. You’re the face of the program. If I can’t trust you to handle yourself with a security guard, how am I able to put all my eggs in this basket and say “you’re my guy?” … You’re the face of the program… Hopefully he gets some help… but right now, there are bigger concerns in his life than just playing football.

Asked about what this means for Campbell in light of the fact that he was suspended last fall for punching a football player on an opposing team, Beard continued:

…the bigger problem for him… if he’s suspended for fighting and slamming a bodyguard, you’re kicked out of not only Cass Tech, but you’re kicked out of Detroit Public Schools. You’re done. You’re gone. Depending on the severity and how hard they want to judge it, you’re not allowed to go to any school in the state of Michigan for 180 days. Which means he’s done for a year. He’d have to go elsewhere, to a military academy, or to another state in order to do anything. In order just to go to high school. Either that or he’ll just have to get a GED. I hate to say it but that bad choice in his life just knocked down dominoes… when he woke up that morning, he did not think his life was going to be going this way…

The radio conversation continued:

Ebling: Life is all about choices. And sometimes we do well in that regard. Sometimes we make errors. And this could be an error that he is gonna have a hard time undoing.

Beard: It is. His life is not over but he has seriously put it in a hole that he’s gonna have to try to dig himself out. It’s gonna take a lot of work. He’s gonna have to actually change… to me… he’s gotta leave the city… he’s gotta get out of that situation.

Ebling: You know Jayru Campbell.

Beard: Right.

Ebling: What can you tell me about him… as a person?

Beard: As a person, he’s misguided. And confused… he’s smart but right now he’s very impressionable. He wants to come off appearing like he’s harder and gaining his street credibility. He’s focusing on the wrong things… in this last year, he’s made a lot of bad decisions and he’s being influenced by the wrong people, in my opinion. He is not surrounding himself (with) people who will take him far.

Ebling: Would you expect him to be playing at a prep school (or) military academy this fall?

Beard: I actually would hope so. I think that would be the best thing for him. Especially a military academy.

Later in the conversation, Beard acknowledges that he “know(s) (Campbell) well. We don’t hang out together.”

When asked about Campbell’s apparent anger issues, Beard replies,

“He does have anger issues. He’s truly trying to find himself.”

Does he have the maturity to lead the team?

“He doesn’t,” Beard said. “But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. I don’t think it’s going to happen for Michigan State. But he’s still young enough that he can turn his life around. He’s 16. Don’t totally write this kid off. He just needs some structure, some guidance. Maybe if he goes to some type of military academy, that maybe the thing that he needs to get the structure into his life.”

What about MSU’s relationship with Cass Tech?

“I don’t think this will seriously affect the relationship with Cass Tech,” said Beard. “Coaches are hoping you’re not going to back away from coming here because all of our players aren’t like this.”