New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis All-Star Game worthy?

Anthony Davis has been playing out of his mind lately. Night in and night out he is the man that fuels this New Orleans Pelicans team. The All-Star Game starters have already been announced, but Davis wasn’t one of them.

I had a feeling that Davis wasn’t going to make the All-Star Game lineup, but so far this year he has made a strong case for himself to play in this 63rd edition of the NBA All-Star Game at New Orleans Arena on Feb. 16.


Davis would be a great selection for the Western Conference reserves and he would get to play on his home court. The fans would love this guy in the lineup.

Davis is one of the best young players in this league and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Davis has the fifth-best PER in the league with 26.52 and is averaging 20.2 PPG and 10.3 RPG. Davis averages 3.0 BLKPG and that’s good enough to lead the league in blocks. Davis is shooting an impressive 52 percent from the field and making about 76 percent of his free throws.

Davis was recently named one of the 28 players to qualify for Team USA and isn’t the only person to be named to Team USA from New Orleans. Pelican head coach Monty Williams will serve as one of the assistant coaches for Team USA.

Davis has the full package. He possesses the skill, the talent and the passion. Davis is a scary player, but in a good way. You watch him out on the court and think he has been in this league for five plus years. The most interesting fact about Pelican power forward is that he turns just 21 years old in March.

This kid is young and his talent level is off the charts. The All-Star Game is a game that is to be played by the All-Stars of the NBA. Many debates have come up about good players on bad teams not deserving an All-Star selection, but Davis should get the nod, especially with the Pelicans still in the playoff hunt.

Look at some of the starters that made it on the All-Star Game lineups. The only player I disagree with on the Eastern Conference lineup is Dwayne Wade. Don’t get me wrong, Wade is a great player, but he has bad knees and has sat out the Miami Heat’s last four games. If he isn’t healthy enough to play for his own team than how will he be healthy enough to play in an All-Star Game?

For the Western Conference All-Star lineup how did Kobe Bryant make the cut? He has played six total games this season. How in the world does he get a starting spot? I have a lot of respect for Kobe, but come on people vote for someone who deserves it.

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I truly believe that Anthony Davis deserves to be a Western Conference reserve player. He has put up tremendous numbers and I think next year if he keeps up his play he should have a starting spot in that All-Star lineup.

New Orleans is struggling this year, but Davis is showing the world that he wants to become the league’s number one power forward. Davis is only 20 years old and his numbers are great, but how high does his ceiling go? What kind of numbers will he be putting up in five years? Ten years? I don’t think he even knows the answer to those questions. It can only go up from here for Davis.

I can guarantee you only one piece of information. He is going to need a bigger contract to stay around in New Orleans, especially after next year when he is voted to be on the Western Conference All-Star lineup.