Seattle Seahawks: Percy Harvin cleared, makes for huge asset in Super Bowl

After sustaining a concussion in the Seattle Seahawks’ 23-15 Divisional playoff win over the Saints, Percy Harvin has been cleared to get back on the field with a week before the Super Bowl.

Harvin is “feeling good” and there is a new wave of excitement within the Seahawks now that he will be able to play in the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos. It’s because they all know that another offensive weapon will go a long way against a team with the top offense.

It’s unlikely that even the Seattle Seahawks’ defense is going to hold Peyton Manning scoreless, so for Seattle, having a versatile offensive weapon will help them put more points on the board.

Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin (Photo:

A smart and creative offensive coordinator like Darrell Bevell knows how to use a guy like Harvin. In the Saints game, Seattle fans saw Harvin take a carry, streak downfield for a longer pass play, and be the guy Russell Wilson went to on a critical third down. Add to the list Harvin’s kick return ability, maybe some bubble screens and end-arounds, and what you’ve got is an intriguing option for the Seahawks’ offense in the Super Bowl.

Harvin’s return is also important because Doug Baldwin has still not returned to practice from a hip injury. Baldwin, who had six catches for 106 yards in the NFC Championship, has been a standout target for Russell Wilson all year. If Baldwin can’t play, though he should be back come Super Bowl Sunday, Harvin becomes more of a primary target.

I am operating, however, on the assumption that Baldwin will play, and that makes Harvin all the more dangerous. With Harvin in the slot, he will draw Champ Bailey’s attention. I like that match-up, as Harvin’s athleticism could burn Bailey on at least a couple plays. Bailey’s too good for Harvin to have success all game long, but the point is that Harvin serves as a threat. That leaves Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie with either Baldwin or Tate. Whoever he guards doesn’t matter, because that third receiver ought to get open often.

And the Broncos will have to respect all the different things Harvin can do. I mentioned bubble screens and end-arounds. Harvin could even be effective as a decoy, perhaps faking a bubble screen that’s actually a draw play to Marshawn Lynch.

Whatever Bevell has Russell Wilson call in the huddle, Percy Harvin is a threatening presence for the Broncos’ defense because he can affect the game doing so many different things. Harvin’s health and subsequent presence on the field is truly an asset that could help the Seattle Seahawks win this year’s Super Bowl.