Boston Celtics discouraging play continues

boston celtics

There really isn’t much positive news going on with the Boston Celtics, other than all star point guard being back in the lineup, which hasn’t had much of an effect just yet. Obviously, it’ll take time for him to regain his stamina, and trust in his knee, but even if he regains his former stellar form, he isn’t going to make much of a difference on this team.

Unfortunately for the Celtics, as soon as they get Rondo back, they lose Avery Bradley for the next few weeks due to an injured ankle. While he has proven to be quite inconsistent this season, it’s a great time for the Celtics coaching staff to evaluate whether or not Bradley is capable of being more than just a bit offensive player. That decision could decide the trajectory of his career, meaning that if the Celtics believe he is capable of decent two way play, they’d most likely try and keep him on the team, if they believe he has reached his ceiling, then he would probably be involved in multiple trade scenarios going forward.

One surprising tidbit from the last week (at least in the first two games against Orlando Magic and Miami Heat), is that Kris Humphries has played very well, probably being the best player on the Celtics in those two games. Not surprisingly, that stretch didn’t last long, as he followed up those games by struggling against the Washington Wizard, and Oklahoma City Thunder. You are in a pretty dismal state as a team, when Humphries is your team’s best player.

Jeff Green has a phenomenal game against the Wizards, but was otherwise underwhelming in the other games. If Green were to develop any type of consistency from game to game, he would be an above average player, but at this point in his career, that is unlikely to happen.

Early season semi surprised in Kelly Olynyk and Vitor Faverani have been a tad disappointing as well. Olynyk has suffered more so due to injuries disrupting his ability to gain any sort of rhythm so far this season. While Faverani was never going to be the next Bill Walton, it’s been disappointing to see his DNP Coach’s Decision at the end of each box score. Whether it be matchups problems, issues with the coaching staff, or whatever other problem you can imagine, it’s been disheartening to see this play out.

There are only two current player on the team that possess PER’s over fifteen, which is league average. Humphries and Jared Sullinger are those players, and if these are your two most efficient players, you could probably guess how good that team would be.

With the trading deadline looming, it’ll be fascinating to see what else Danny Ainge could pull off. While it’s probably too late in the game to expect Rondo to be showcased in a true positive light (it’ll likely be next year when he could potentially show off his former athleticism), there are still trades out there to be made, with Branden Bass likely being the main target. I’m sure Brad Stevens has to be itching to get some actual talent to build the next championship era for the Celtics.