D.J. Augustin on a tear for Chicago Bulls

I am about to admit something that is one of the most difficult things for me to admit- I was wrong. For those of you who do not know, I wrote an article about a month ago in which I essentially voiced my displeasure in the Chicago Bulls’ recent signing of journeyman D.J. Augustin.

It appears as if Augustin is on a mission to prove me and every other critic wrong. The man has simply been playing fantastic basketball for the last month.

The savior!

Augustin has been playing great ball lately

In his last five games Augustin has averaged 21.6 points per game while shooting 55% from the floor and an astounding 57% from behind the three point line. Augustin is also averaging 5.6 assists and running the Bulls’ offense to perfection: or at least as perfect as their offense is going to get.

I have to admit that these statistics are so impressive that if Augustin can keep this up for the rest of the season it would be very difficult for Bulls fans to watch him leave in the offseason. Then again, those shooting percentages alone are so amazing for a guard that if he could keep them up for the rest of the season I would argue that he should even be mentioned as a candidate for an ALL-NBA team.

Realistically we all know that Augustin will soon cool off; this impressive stretch of his will come to an end. When this undoubtedly happens he will not be as effective a player as he has been recently. However, there is still a good chance that he will finish the season averaging 18 or 19 points per game because of the desperate need for offense that exists on this particular Bulls team.

Assuming Derrick Rose returns next season the Bulls will still be in need of a solid backup point guard. Having a good backup point guard is very essential to a contending franchise; recent history has shown that the health of Rose is not something that the Bulls can rely on. Having a solid replacement plan like Augustin would be fantastic.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that Augustin will return to the Bulls next season. When he signed with the Bulls a lot of people from around the NBA acknowledged that he was essentially receiving an audition to prove that he could still contribute in this very competitive league. It is definitely safe to say that Augustin has passed his audition with flying colors, but that sadly means he will probably be moving on this summer.

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Like so many transactions in the NBA, the re-signing of Augustin would come down to one major factor, money. The Bulls will presumably have enough cap space to resign Augustin, but whether or not they want to use that cap space and hold onto Augustin is a very tough decision. Other teams from around the league will undoubtedly offer the 26 year old Augustin a substantial amount of money to be their starting point guard; in order to keep him the Bulls must be willing to match those high offers.

Regardless of whether or not Augustin is still a Chicago Bull next November fans should still tune in and enjoy the show that he is putting on right now.

  • Leroy Boyd

    I think you have to eat the crow when it comes to DJ. Before harping on what you thought he might not be able to do. first of all you should have waited to see before whining. I even before he played his first minute knew he would be much better than Teague. I also knew that he did not get minutes in his last 2 teams worth mentioning.

    But being honest I did not expect this but now that we have him Bulls must resign him forget Kirk. Also everybody hollering about trying to sign Bron and Melo but I say use that money to resign DJ sign Blatche, Stuckey and bring over Mirotic over. Plus hope like heck that the Sac pick falls to 13 and the Bcats fall to 11.

    • Stephen Benet

      I always knew he was better than Teague heck who isn’t and I was just blinded by the fantasy of Jabari Parker haha

      • Leroy Boyd

        I am also blinded by JP, would I love to have him heck yea but you know we got lucky with Rose I dont think the basketball gods would give us another wish.

        • Stephen Benet

          I’m not sure if I would agree with got lucky is how I would describe Derrick Rose. Yes the first few years were fun but now I just get sad every time I hear his name :(