Miami Heat: The importance of Wade

How good is the Miami Heat without Dwyane Wade? The Heat has LeBron James but in today’s league; one player can’t do it all. Kevin Durant with his 10 game streak of 30 plus points may say otherwise and Caremlo Anthony’s 62 point performance may alter your opinion. When it comes down to it I still stand by opinion of one player not being able to win it by themselves.

I’m not saying it couldn’t happen but it would be very difficult. Durant is going to need Russell Westbrook come playoff time and Carmelo is going to need some help to even get his team to the playoffs. Today’s league is set up for big 3’s and strong benches; it’s inevitable if they want to win championships.

So back to my initial question, how good is the Miami Heat without Dwyane Wade? Everyone pretty much knows about Wade’s knee problems. Coach Erik Spoelstra and Wade have been on the same page all season when it comes to getting proper rest. In my eyes it’s injury prevention. I don’t think Wade is hurt, I think he’s just resting to prevent a serious injury which is smart. Critics have been all over Miami about how they’ve been playing. It hasn’t been pretty, especially compared to last season but record wise they’re in good shape.dwyane-wade-picture-5

The Heat is 32-12 and is currently in second in the Eastern Conference. Wade has missed a total of13 games. The Heat is 24-6 with Wade, and 7-6 without Wade. So there is the answer to the question of the importance of Wade. He’s very important to the Miami Heat. Wade has missed a lot of games but when he played he was efficient shooting and average of 54 percent from the field.

It’s been hard watching Miami lose the way they have been. They’ve been losing games they should’ve won. Wade brings something special to the Heat. He brings leadership, experience, and a different style of play to the game. He’s explosive, shifty, and a great defender. The Heat have not been playing championship defense this season. Teams have been killing the Heat beyond the arch and in transition. When Wade isn’t playing either Ray Allen or Rashard Lewis is starting. We all know that both Lewis and Allen are capable of big games but are they capable of leading the Heat to a championship? Most likely not so Wade will definitely be needed during the post season.

I’m actually very happy about Wade getting rest. I don’t care what the critics or even if Miami Heat fans are upset about it. The Heat will need a very healthy Dwyane Wade if they want to 3-peat. As of now the Indiana Pacers are the best in the East and Kevin Durant is putting on a show in the West. Can LeBron do it by himself? It would be extremely difficult for LeBron to win a championship alone and I would hate to see him go through that but if any player could do it would be him. Hopefully we won’t see that happen considering Wade is getting some good rest.

The Heat dismantled the San Antonio Spurs today winning 113-101. Wade suited up and played 24 minutes scoring eight points, along with five assists, and three rebounds. Chris Bosh led the team with 24 points and five rebounds while LeBron scored 18 points grabbing seven rebounds and adding six assists to his stats. The Heat faceoff against the Durant led Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. on ESPN.