Minnesota Vikings: Options with the #8 pick

The 2014 NFL draft is still months away, but for the Minnesota Vikings and fans, the anticipation is building up at high levels.

The Vikings ended up with the #8 selection and this could be good or bad. The quarterback class is great at the top with three guys that will likely be selected in the top-5. Minnesota may not be fortunate enough to land one of these guys, but there are still options for them that could drastically improve the team.

Let’s say that quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel are all selected before the Vikings can draft. The Vikings could take a slight risk on drafting quarterback Derek Carr of Fresno State, or they could take the best available player to their current needs: corner Justin Gilbert of Oklahoma State.

Minnesota Vikings

Justin Gilbert would be a viable selection for the Vikings at #8.
(Photo Credit: nfldraftmonsters.com)

The teams ahead of Minnesota are in need of offensive line help, quarterback help, and wide receiver help more than anything. It’s highly likely that Gilbert will be there at #8 for the Vikings to grab.

I’m not completely sold on Carr as the future quarterback of the Vikings. Many mock drafts have the Vikings selecting Carr with the #8 pick, but many others have him going into the late first, or early second round. Gilbert, on the other hand, would make an immediate impact on one of the worst passing defenses in all of football.

Gilbert is listed at 6-feet, 200 pounds. He’s fast and physical and has the potential to be an NFL superstar at his position.

Some of you are probably wondering if I’m insane by saying that the Vikings shouldn’t select a quarterback with the #8 pick, but truthfully, the quarterbacks are top-five-heavy; selecting the best player available would be the Vikings’ best move. Remember when the team gambled on Christian Ponder? Yeah, I’d rather not see a repeat of that again.

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Of course there’s still a good possibility that the Vikings will end up with the option of drafting one of the big three quarterbacks with their pick. The likely guys would be Bortles or Bridgewater as the experts are now beginning to put Manziel as being the top pick.

Minnesota could also bribe the Houston Texans with a trade offer for the first pick if they are really set on drafting Manziel, but that will come at a high price because Houston is also in desperate need of a quarterback and Manziel could be a once in a decade type of quarterback, much like Peyton Manning was in 1998 when the Indianapolis Colts drafted him first overall.

Houston would likely want at least the #8 draft choice along with the Vikings’ second and third round picks in exchange for the number one pick. A future first-round pick could also come into play.

If that trade went through, the Vikings would gain Manziel, a sure lock to be an NFL superstar, but they’d lose a lot in the draft. Second and third round players can be huge assets to a team that is rebuilding, and the Vikings are rebuilding.

Rick Spielman will have quite a few options ahead of him and he’ll need to weigh his options heavily to make the BEST choice for the Vikings, which ultimately could end up being Gilbert.

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  • Mnstorm99

    Here is a discussion…
    I would not be opposed to the Vikings trading down for more picks, but I am struggling to find a team that would even have enough interest in the #8 pick to give up enough to make it worthwhile. Anyone see any possible trades “the other way” that might be worth it? This is a deep draft, which makes it interesting.

  • Mnstorm99

    Manziel is far from a sure lock to be an NFL superstar. I do not believe Johnny Football fits well into Turners system, which might actually ruin the kids career from day one. I do not want to see trades to move up from this team.
    I would like to see them draft Barr or Mack drafted at #8.
    I would like to see the Vikings target a big CB in free agency, specifically Verner.
    I would like to see a QB taken in the second or third rounds. I love the idea of Garoppolo, or even Aaron Murray in the 3-4 round.

  • davesvikesrule

    the vikes will be smart take best player then trade back into first rd with later third rd pick for qb

  • Steve

    Manziel a sure lock to be an NFL Superstar? I may be in the minority, but I don’t think so. I agree with Mike, Mallet was the QB the Vikes should have drafted

  • Mike

    Trade the Pat’s for Ryan Mallet, who the Vik’s should have drafted instead of Ponder the imposter

  • jamed

    I say they won’t have to go to #1 to get Manziel they only have to go to the Rams pick to get him. Manziel is the solution to our QB needs for a long time and I hope we get him. It should only cost us. Our first our second and one of our thirds. “Move Up For Manziel”..

  • Terry Lund

    None of the quarterbacks are ever a sure lock — none this year worth trading up for — taking the fourth best one at number 8 would be foolish — if there is somebody in the draft that can make a tackle that is what the team needs because the vikes made very few (and that is genrous) last year — hopefully the new coaching staff can
    get some of the other guys to make a tackle too — we can upgrade our quarterback situation in any round of the draft even the last one — Cassel is ok for now if
    we can’t get someone to beat him out so all we have to replace is Ponder and Freeman — how hard could that be

  • ADAM

    Manziel as a lock and Gilbert as a number 8?? Did you just pick names out of a hat? Manziel and his video game crap is going to fall on his face. He won’t be able to run around forever in the backfield when Suh, Watt, Bowman, and the rest of the NFL juggernauts are chasing him down, and heave it up in the air like he did with Evans as his 6’7″ WR in College Station. Mark my words. This immature college QB will be a bust in the NFL. I just hope the Vikings are smart enough to avoid him.

  • 3kolu

    Manziel’s not a lock to be a superstar. There has yet to be a non-pocket passing QB that has achieved success. And, Manziel has yet to prove that he can be effective in the pocket consistently.

  • Brandy Mitchell

    i would not draft a qb in this yr draft wait until next yr you have a better crop coming out, i would draft a cb or lb or dt and get qb in the later round that thomas kids out of vt might be a good project he big strong and got a nfl arm we can get aj McCarron in the 3rd or 4th rd we need body on defense defense defense.

  • Justin

    who said manziel was a sure lock? not a week ago many guys had him as the 3rd QB off of the board…

  • Daniel Van Steenwyk

    I think volume is the ticket this year. I will look for the Vikings to trade down from #8, maybe to Cleveland for the #26 pick and a 2nd & 3rd, or 3rd & 4th round pick.

    • Daniel Van Steenwyk

      After all, they can afford it with the midseason Richardson trade and, they will look to be players in the first round, much like the Vikings were last year, and with the #4 and #8 picks, Cleveland will make some waves, and the Vikes will fill more holes, maybe pick up a 2nd QB like Boyd.

    • jamed

      No way if its for a 3rd and a 4th are you kidding. The talent we would get at 8 is far better than a 3rd and 4th combined. Maybe the 2nd 3rd and 4th for the 8th.

      • Daniel Van Steenwyk

        That is in addition to the #26

  • Decease

    To begin with, there are no “sure locks to become NFL super stars” in this draft. With that statement you undermined any and all credibility in your article. Remember how teams and writers – like yourself – were all gaga about Blaine Gabbert, etc, etc several years ago?!? What have you learned from that episode (and episode that plays itself out annually)? There are no “sure locks” at QB in this draft … good QB’s, yes but superstars … NO. Go with a position player with a big upside on either side of the ball and look at what is left at QB in later rounds (remember Russell Wilson, for one?). You have been reading far too many mock drafts to be offering credible opinions.

  • Jim

    I would go with Gilbert and not a quarterback there’s nothing in the draft that is good enough at quarterback for us to draft one.

    • 3kolu

      Gilbert is solid, however, the Vikes could go FA and land Verner, Talb, Davis or Shields. We could also do both, but we have other areas of need Safety, DT, OG, QB and possibly DE if we don’t resign Griffen.

  • ajoyce

    Kahlil Mack is the pick.

    • Daniel Van Steenwyk

      I like Mack, just think the Vikes will trade down from #8 for volume.

    • 3kolu

      Mack is a beast, but we potentially have a decent LB crew.

  • Daniel Van Steenwyk

    Hageman, Garoppolo, Verrett,

  • Daniel Van Steenwyk

    Dennard or Verrett are really more realistic anyway.

  • Daniel Van Steenwyk

    Maybe with pick #40, but, definitely not at #8.

  • Daniel Van Steenwyk

    $ says they don’t take Gilbert.