Brad Stevens is a perfect fit for Celtics’ struggles

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Brad Stevens (Photo credit: Sports Illustrated)

In the midst of change this offseason, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, who had won a championship in Boston, decided that he would not endure the next rebuilding phase of the franchise. Rivers left Boston for a chance at major success with the Los Angeles Clippers. With this move, there was a coaching vacancy left in the storied franchise. The Boston Celtics needed a new head coach to lead a team of young players.

The Celtics decided to go the college route and opt for Brad Stevens from Butler University as their new head coach. In his time at Butler, Stevens became accustomed to coaching and maturing young players. Brad Stevens is also not withdrawn from big stage experience. Stevens took his Butler team to two NCAA National Championships. Stevens was thrilled and honored to be named the new head coach of the Boston Celtics.

After being named coach, Stevens started up shop quickly. He reached out to every player on the team right away to familiarize himself with them; the most noted instance being when he reached out to point guard Rajon Rondo to make sure they were on the same page heading into the upcoming season. Stevens knew well enough that Rondo would be the captain and leader of this new Celtics team, so for them to have chemistry right from the start was extremely significant.

At this point in the 2013-14 NBA season, many people around the NBA say Stevens has done a very good job with this Celtics team. Sitting currently at 15-31, the Celtics have struggled mightily, but Stevens has taken the struggles to heart. He never fails to lift his team up and encourage them. Stevens, 37, is a young head coach, making it easy for him to connect with the youth on this year’s Celtics’ roster. In his press conferences, Stevens always describes the games with honesty. He brings insight and positivity to the table.

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It is safe to say that Brad Stevens is a perfect fit for the Boston Celtics now and for the future. He has done a wonderful job for this team. The transition he made from college to the one of the most successful franchises in NBA history seemed almost flawless. Boston Celtics fans should be proud of Stevens in what he has done so far and be excited for his very bright future ahead.