What is Dewayne Dedmon’s future with the Sixers?

This past Friday, the Sixers rewarded big man Dewayne Dedmon with another 10-day contract.  Although Dedmon’s numbers in his first few games with the club were not staggering, he has impressed the coaching staff so far.

“I like what we’ve seen of him,” said coach Brett Brown.  “There’s a size and an enthusiasm and an energy.”


In Dedmon’s first five games with the team, he’s averaged only 3.5 points, but nearly 6 rebounds.  While these results are not outstanding, they were good enough to earn him 10 more days in the city of brotherly love.

“I have an opportunity at another 10 day so it is definitely a good feeling,” said Dedmon.  “I was hoping that was gonna happen and when it happened; I knew I was doing the right thing so I just have to keep it up.”

Regardless of whether or not the team decides to keep Dedmon around for the duration of the season, he is appreciative of the opportunity that he has been given by the Sixers organization. 

At the age of 24, Dedmon adds to the list of Sixer players who have very little experience in the league.  The Sixers are one of the youngest teams in the NBA as 11 of the 15 players on their current roster are under the age of 25. 

Due to the fact that so many players are in their early phase of their career, they are all going through growing pains and are working on ways to help themselves improve day by day.  Dedmon is aware of his current role on the team and is hoping he will have the chance to work on his game throughout the remainder of the year in a Sixers jersey.

“I feel like I am a good fit here and they keep giving me an opportunity so I have to show why I fit here and why I should stay,” said Dedmon.

Dedmon remains optimistic about his future with the Sixers franchise.  However, based on the first two games he played since he signed his second 10-day contract, he may not be a good fit for the Sixers after all.

In his first five games with the team, he averaged nearly 15 minutes per game.  In the past two games of a back-to-back against Toronto and Oklahoma City, he only played an average of 11 minutes. He scored a total of four points with a mere 5 rebounds.  Dedmon provides energy that the Sixers need but he is going to have to put up better numbers than these if he hopes to finish out the season with the team.

Toronto and Oklahoma City are two first place teams that the Sixers do not match up against well, especially in the frontcourt.  The results of these games showed this as the Sixers lost each of them by a substantial margin.

Rebounding has been an issue for the Sixers for the past couple of years and this one is no exception.  They rank 7th in the NBA with 45 rebounds per game but are second to last in the league as they give up nearly 47 rebounds to their opposition.

As a seven-footer, the Sixers are relying on Dedmon to help improve these rebounding statistics.  If not, then the team more than likely will move on without him.

Dedmon said that patience is the key and he is eager to see what the Sixers will do with him once this contract expires.

The Sixers have games against Phoenix, Boston, Atlanta, and Detroit before his contract comes to an end.  Dedmon should get some minutes in these games and it will be up to him to impress the coaches even more to determine his future status with the Sixers.

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