New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis’s 100th NBA game

Glen Davis of the Orlando Magic may be having some long nights ahead of him. And it’s not because of that dog barking next door that will keep him up all night. Anthony Davis threw down a vicious dunk over Big Baby late in the fourth quarter last night. Davis will be haunted from that dunk and Anthony Davis’s stellar performance for quite some time as the Pelicans beat the Magic 100-92 last night in New Orleans.

Davis finished the game with 22 points, 19 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals.

Anthony Davis (Photo credit:

Anthony Davis (Photo credit:

Not only was Anthony Davis throwing down baseline dunks, put back slams and receiving alley-oops. He had played in his 100th game as an NBA superstar. In 100 games with the Pelicans he has recorded 131 steals and 225 blocks. To be more precise he is second on the 100 plus steals and 200 plus blocks list behind David Robinson.

Anthony Davis has improved in almost every category from his rookie season. He is playing more minutes and scoring more then he did last season. The second year player out of Kentucky has been carrying this injury prone Pelicans team throughout the year. His team is out of playoff race at the moment, but with a guy like Davis on the team that could change within a second.

Davis has 20 double-doubles on the year and his player rating is up by almost 12 points from last season. Davis doesn’t shoot very many three pointers, but he is a beast around the paint and low block. Not only can he score down low, but he can block some shots.

Last night against the Magic Davis had a total of 7 blocks. He leads the NBA with 3.14 blocks per game. If you want to see Davis block shots make sure you go to a New Orleans Pelicans game on Friday nights. He averages 4 blocked shots in games played on Friday’s.

So far this season Davis seems to like to play against the Utah Jazz, because he is averaging 25.5 points in two games verse the Jazz. All great players have weaknesses and  Davis seems to have trouble against the New York Knicks defense. This stat is a little iffy, because the Pelicans have only played the Knicks one time this season, but Davis finished that game against the Knicks with a season low 7 points.

The best part about the NBA season is that they play a lot of games. The Pelicans have played 43 games so far this season. With just under half of the season left Davis and the Pelicans still have plenty of games to show the world that they can make this years playoffs.

The number one pick taken in NBA Drafts sometimes have the tendency to become a bust. Although, Anthony Davis had a solid rookie season and is having an even better sophomore season Davis doesn’t look to be a bust in the NBA. That’s good news for the Pelicans, because they need Davis to improve their record.

The Pelicans won three games last week and are on a 2 game winning streak. On Tuesday the Pelicans try to extend that winning streak when they head to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers. On Wednesday the Pelicans will fly into Minnesota to play the Timberwolves and than they will fly home to play the Chicago Bulls to round out the week on Saturday, February 1st.

If the Pelicans want to stir up the pot in the Western Conference they need to win at least two games this week.