Marquette basketball: Monday Mailbag

This Marquette basketball season has left fans with more questions than answers. In what will become a weekly occurrence from now on, I will have Monday Marquette Mailbag. Please feel free to send in your questions to my Twitter handle: @KapN93 and I will pick five questions to answer every week. In the inaugural installment of my mailbag, I tackle questions that range from who should be the starting point guard to who would win between Marquette and an NBA team?


Should John Dawson start in front of Derrick Wilson? Chris C. @GRANtorino_13 and pretty much every other Marquette basketball fan

To be blunt: yes. Derrick Wilson is not made out to be a starting point guard. The last two years Wilson was fantastic coming off the bench to shut down the opponent’s best ball handler. Wilson has not lost a step defensively this season. The major concern for Marquette fans is Wilson’s offensive ability. His apprehensive tendencies to attack the basket are well documented. What Dawson brings to the one position is a natural shooter that can create his own shot (as seen in the Georgetown game). If I was Buzz I would start Dawson for three reasons. One, Wilson plays better when not burdened with the label of a starting point guard. Two, Dawson provides the offensive spark Marquette desires at the one. Three, with Duane Wilson coming back next season and Derrick still having one more year, this could be Dawson’s only chance to prove himself.


What are the chances of Duane Wilson transferring? Mike K. @mkielczewski

Slim to none. There was speculation briefly that he would leave when his injury was upgraded to season ending and there was not a redshirt offer in sight. With a redshirt now guaranteeing that he will be eligible for four full years, I do not see any reason why he would leave. He has three years, after Derrick graduates, to run the point. With the opportunity to be “the guy” on campus and being able to play in his hometown, the chance of him transferring is the same as me going to the gym to do an intense workout (close to zero).


What is the main focus of improvement for the rest of the season? Chris L. @Cree414 D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Steve Taylor, Jr., John Dawson

Clearly there are a number of areas that Marquette needs to improve on throughout the rest of the year.  I am looking more towards next season than the final eleven games of this year. Buzz has to attempt to get the underclassmen not just minutes, but minutes in crunch time. At 11-9 (3-4 Big East) salvaging the season and making the NCAA tournament appears grim. Nobody would be opposed to Buzz essentially rebuilding and playing guys like John Dawson, Steve Taylor Jr, Deonte Burton, and JaJuan Johnson(when healthy) more minutes. Marquette learned this year that they need more than just one go to scorer to compete. Why not speed up the development process by searching for those guys as soon as possible?


Why doesn’t Buzz play Deonte Burton and Steve Taylor Jr at the same time? Dan A. @AlonAndOn

The answer to this question is not actually my speculation but what Buzz said on his weekly radio show last Wednesday on 540 ESPN Milwaukee. Paraphrasing here: Buzz essentially explained that the underclassmen have not proved their worth yet. They have not put in as much time as the upperclassmen, so Buzz does not want to steal minutes from those that have been a part of the program for 3+ years. That is why we see Juan Anderson play more minutes that Burton or Taylor Jr. Buzz likes to reward those that have practiced the longest and given the most blood/sweat/tears. While I think this is incorrect and would rather see the best players on the court, he’s the head coach and I just pretend to be.


In a best of five series, toe-to-toe, who would win: Marquette or the Milwaukee Bucks? Tom M. @TomMiazga

Great question. If I was a gambling man, which I may or may not be, I would say the Bucks would sweep the series 3-0 (college rules in effect). Even if this would be a match up against two lackluster teams, who would not want to see OJ and Todd Mayo battle it out in a series. Derrick Wilson could take some notes from Brandon Knight on how to attack the basket. I do think Marquette would put up a fight because of how Buzz handles his team, in a Tom Thibodeau like manner, defensively. Giannis Antetokounmpo versus Deonte Burton would be the match up I would tune in to watch. My loyalty would be torn on that one. Do I cheer for my favorite Greek in Milwaukee other than the guy that makes my gyros at Marquette gyros, or my Marquette man crush? In the end, John Henson will drop at least sixty five in all three games. After attempting to cover him, Davante Gardner will have an oxygen mask pressed up against his face.

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