Seattle Seahawks established team poise on Media Day

It would be understandable for players getting ready for the Super Bowl to be so animated that the enthusiasm diminishes the quality of answers they give to reporters on Media Day. For the Seattle Seahawks, though, the team image displayed from their interviews today exuded calm, humility, and yes, that inevitable and warranted excitement.

Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman (Photo:

Richard Sherman handled his press conference with excellent poise and humility. After such a media bombardment concerning his post-game comments after the NFC Championship, Sherman apologized once again for taking the attention away from his teammates and for calling out 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree. After a plethora of questions, and indeed Sherman was on the podium answering questions even after Media Day was closing, Deion Sanders of NFL Network got Sherman to answer a series of questions. Sanders pointed out to Sherman that “the majority of these cameras want to see you fail.” Sherman responded, “I fully understand that, and I’ve fully understood that my entire life. People want to see you fail, but you stay focused on the task at hand, and you pay the price.”

The media has taken Sherman’s comments after the NFC Championship and have beaten them to death. I never saw it as huge news; I saw a guy caught up in the emotion of the moment. I understand a day or two of coverage and analysis, but seriously, Sherman and his teammates are STILL being questioned about it? On Media Day? Come on, people. Move on and talk about the match-up.

Nevertheless, Sherman handled the questions with poise and maturity, as did guys like Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll when asked about Sherman. Bruce Irvin, whom Sanders caught up to as he was walking around the complex, jokingly told ESPN to stop talking about Sherman. “I can’t even watch TV no more,” he said, “cuz Richard Sherman getting Erin Andrews coverage….He’s a great player…but this is getting out of control ESPN. You gotta stop this!”


Safety Earl Thomas exuded humility when he was at the podium. After Deion Sanders heaped praise upon the Legion of Boom for being one of the best secondaries ever, Thomas said immediately, “We’re not there yet.” He went on to say how much of a blessing it was to just be at the podium and talking to everyone.

One guy who was humble in a different way was Marshawn Lynch. A notoriously shy guy, Lynch managed just over six minutes of talking to the media. He was clearly uncomfortable today, which is understandable because not every player likes talking to the media, but he stayed humble and calm too. He wants to put it all on the field.

“I’m just about that action, boss,” he told Sanders.

After watching Media Day, football fans should have gotten a clear picture of what this team’s mentality is. They’re humble, they praise the team and their teammates endlessly, and they’re not letting the moment get too big for them. The Seattle Seahawks are a truly selfless team, and one that Americans shouldn’t have any problem cheering for this Sunday.