MSU Football: Spartans 2013-14 highlight video

You might not know Brad Coster.

You might not even know his Twitter handle (@flyingdeerfilms).

But if you’re an MSU football fan, you’ve probably seen one of his videos.

I stumbled upon this video leading up to the Rose Bowl and watched it twice right away – it perfectly captured the way Spartan fans were feeling. If you haven’t watched it yet, you might as well now. It is even sweeter watching it while knowing the outcome of the 100th Rose Bowl.

You back?


Here’s some exciting news: starting today, isportsweb will be the exclusive home for Flying Deer Films video premieres… for the first 72 hours that they are on the interwebs, you can catch them right here.

In fact, the much-anticipated 2013-2014 Spartan season highlight video is below.

But before you watch it, don’t you want to know a little bit more about the guy behind these videos?

I thought you might.

“This type of work has been my favorite hobby since I could hold a camera,” Coster told me the other day. “My brother and sister really impacted me when we first started to play with our home video camera and make little movies. I never really grew out of that, and haven’t stopped ever since. My love for watching Michigan State Athletics really brought me to use my editing to hype fans – and the players – up for the season or significant games.”

Oh, and Brad is 16 years old.

He attends high school in Troy, Michigan and works in the video department at his church where his duties include individual projects such as recap videos of a charity event or doing graphic work to advertise upcoming events. Brad grew up watching – and was inspired by – Michigan State hype videos. Brad’s earliest memories of  Spartan athletics go back as far as he can remember. That makes sense since his dad is an MSU alum and an avid follower of the Spartans sports teams.

“I can remember watching Spartan football and basketball when I was a toddler,” Coster said. “Let’s just say my blood runs green. Most of my early baby pictures have me dressed in green and white. However, my own desire to be a true Spartan fan started in middle school. I remember my dad telling me about the fake field goal to win it against Notre Dame. The play was incredible, and I caught on fire for the Spartans. My dad was so happy to see this type of football being played by his alma mater. From then on my dad and I watched all the games together.  I will never forget the Saturday nights up north watching Kirk Cousins and that senior class play some of the best Spartan football in 20 years. As for basketball, I’ve always been a fan, but my love for watching sports really increased my following of the program and I cannot dare to miss a game, no matter what the circumstances.”

So, where did the name Flying Deer Films come from? Brad’s family has owned a piece of land up in northern Michigan for years and they named it Flying Deer Ranch. It is there that they hunt, watch Spartan sports and get away from it all. While doing a little Spartan video editing, of course.

We’re excited to have Brad on board here at isportsweb. We look forward to showcasing his talent for many years to come. But for now, here it is… the world premiere of Flying Deer Films’ MSU Spartans 2013-2014 season highlight video:

  • Chris

    Watching this makes me so excited for next year, even though its 7 months away still.

  • Andrea Williams

    extremely well done…captivating

  • David

    Absolutely amazing, chills constantly.

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