Kansas basketball still has it, defeat Iowa State second time

Kansas basketball faced off against Iowa State in what turned out to be quite the rematch Wednesday nigh. Two top ranked teams, Jayhawks versus the Cyclones. Their records are about equal: The University of Kansas Jayhawks were 15-4 overall, 6-0 in the Big 12 while the Iowa State Cyclones rated 15-3. Their last match? Let’s take a trip back to January 13th- when the Jayhawks defeated the Cyclones 77-70 at Iowa’s home turf.

That defeat was a tad too close to home for Kansas. Tonight, the Jayhawks defeated the Cyclones again, 92-81. Granted, tonight’s ending was not terribly original versus the last one:  the Jayhawks came out again with a victory. However, a question still remains- how did tonight differ?

I’ll go ahead and say it- tonight proved to be an immense victory for the Jayhawks. One, this was their seventh straight win, along with their second straight victory over Iowa State. Yes, the Jayhawks have had a tough season start. But here they go, proving themselves once again by winning game after game versus competitors that are actually worthwhile. Kansas shot 54.9% during their past 6 victories, including their 31-for-54 performance versus Texas Christian University this past Saturday. They obviously have what it takes.

Secondly, the starters finally came together tonight and delivered for the Jayhawk squad. Sophomore forward Perry Ellis, standing  at 6’8, finished with 20 points and made all of his 4 free throw attempts. Secondly, Andrew Wiggins (who has had quite the rough and tumble freshman year season) who shined during the first match up versus Iowa State, along with TCU this past Saturday, scored a career-high 29 points tonight and snagged 7 rebounds, along with scoring four 3 pointers that would once again lead the Jayhawks to victory versus the Iowa State Cyclones.

Joel Embiid, another All-Star freshman forward recruit, scored 14 points for the Jayhawks along with grabbing 11 rebounds. Besides these outstanding freshmen performances, junior Naadir Tharpe finished with 12 points and 12 assists.

University of Kansas Jayhawks

Andrew Wiggins (Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)


Another win under the belt. The Jayhawks have accomplished quite the winning streak, but they do have another substantial competitor this week: the Jayhawks (16-4 overall), have their next matchup against the University of Texas Longhorns, with a tying record of 16-4, this Saturday February 1 at 4:00.

  • jstrong365


    I highly recommend reviewing your posts. You have a fragment which says:

    “the Jayhawks came out again with defeat.”

    Since KU won, this phrase should read “the Jayhawks came out again with a victory.” or “the Jayhawks came out and again defeated the Cyclones.” Words matter – so does phrasing.

    So do facts: Perry Ellis is a Sophomore not a Freshman. Perry Ellis is 6’8″ not 7′. The 4 inch difference actually matters.

  • JeffBridges12

    Perry Ellis is a sophomore