Seattle Seahawks: offensive keys to victory Sunday

The talk swirling around this weekend’s Super Bowl has focused on the Denver Broncos’ prolific offense and the Seattle Seahawks’ lockdown defense. While Seattle’s defense will show up Sunday, Peyton Manning will still put up points. The Seahawks’ offense, as a result, needs to be able to keep up. Below are the Seattle Seahawks’ offensive keys to putting up enough points to win on Sunday.

Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch (Photo:

First and foremost, Seattle’s offense needs to stay on the field. Three-and-outs are virtually unacceptable for the Seahawks. If they can’t sustain long drives, then Seattle’s defense is going to tire early, and Peyton Manning will capitalize on the fatigue. Luckily, the offensive strategy in Seattle coincides with this key to victory. A run-first team, Seattle will unleash Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch many times, especially given his postseason success thus far. Moving the ball on the ground will eat up the clock, keep Manning off the field, and allow the Seahawks’ defense to stay fresh.

Of course, running the ball alone won’t be enough. The Broncos finished eighth in run defense, allowing just over 100 yards a game. Lynch won’t be racking up five or more yards on them every carry, and inevitably third and longs will occur. ¬†When that happens, Russell Wilson and his receivers have to find a way to convert third downs and keep the ball moving. The Broncos’ weakness is their pass defense, as they allowed more than 250 yards a game. With Percy Harvin back and Doug Baldwin playing on a high level, Wilson has the weapons to exploit the Broncos through the air. Finding the open man on third down will be absolutely crucial.

It’s cliche, but winning the turnover battle wins ballgames. Seattle can’t afford turnovers, because putting Peyton Manning in great field position is not helpful for the Seattle defense. Russell Wilson is not the kind of quarterback who forces throws and makes mistakes, and he needs to continue that style of play. The main concern is fumbling. Wilson and Lynch, for instance, cannot have a hand-off miscue that results in a turnover. On any given Sunday that’s inexcusable, but this Sunday heightens that fact. Those kind of things just can’t happen if Seattle wants to win.

Finally, Seattle needs to actually finish drives with touchdowns instead of settling for field goals. Seattle has had trouble all year finishing drives with six points. While Steven Hauschka has been money this season and three points isn’t a bad drive outcome, field goals won’t be enough to win this year’s Super Bowl. When the Seahawks reaches the red zone, they need to do everything in their power to cap drives off with touchdowns.

The Seattle Seahawks have a phenomenal defense, but Peyton Manning and the Broncos will still find a way to put up points. Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the rest of the Seattle offense will need to step up. If they can sustain drives, protect the ball, and finish drives off the right way, Seattle will be bringing home the Lombardi Trophy.