Milwaukee Bucks lack direction in miserable season

The Milwaukee Bucks have been playing terrible basketball this season but this past month has been the worst so far.  The Bucks managed to win just one game in the whole month of January. The only win they were able to get was from a dysfunctional Detroit Pistons in Milwaukee. To say this season has been trying for Bucks’ fans would be an understatement.  The Buck’s blowout loss to the Orlando Magic showed how far behind the club is compared to the second worst team in the NBA.

With the Bucks currently possessing the worst record in the NBA, they have the best chance to land the number one pick in the lottery draft. With that pick the Bucks could use that to make the rebuild of the roster faster by drafting the right player.

There are reports that Bucks’ General Manager John Hammond is very interested in Oklahoma State point-guard Marcus Smart.  If the Bucks decide to take Smart, I wouldn’t hate the pick but I think they should wait and see what they have in Brandon Knight. I think Knight has the potential to turn into an above-average point guard. He has the height, speed and shot to be a talented player. While this season may not be the best case for Knight because he very well could be a player who is putting up good numbers on a very awful team and is using his minutes to his advantage.

The Bucks’ could change their minds and try to draft other highly touted players such as Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, Joel Embid or Andrew Wiggins. I think that the Bucks would come out of the draft in good shape if they manage to grab any of these players.

The Bucks need to focus on building around John Henson, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brandon Knight. Larry Sanders is reportedly not safe anymore from being traded by the team. According to Sam Amico, the Bucks are open to trading the center, even after Sanders signed a four-year deal with the team during the offseason. For most of the season Sanders has not played up to his contract, he has been playing better than at the start of the season and hopefully is able to turn into the defensive anchor the Bucks need.

The Bucks seem to be open to accelerating their rebuilding efforts by trading for veteran players who could help the team out immediately. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of players that are on the trade market that could change the direction of a franchise.  If the Bucks were able to land Kevin Love, I think that would be a brilliant move but I’m not sure if they have the players to give to the Timberwolves to make that deal happen. The Bucks would need to throw everything and the kitchen sink to bring a franchise player to Milwaukee and have him stay. Hopefully the Bucks can land a new arena deal to help lure free-agents to play in Milwaukee. It seems that the Bucks lack focus on where the franchise should go next and this could lead to more seasons like this one.