San Francisco 49ers: What to do with Kaep


With the season over, the San Francisco 49ers have no other choice but to look for ways to get better.  This process begins with the front office and their ability to make tough decisions when it comes to doing what’s best for the organization.  It’s one hundred percent certain that it’s not going to be the exact same group of guys so the 49ers have to decide who stays and who goes.  There is a few key free agents the the Niners are going to want to address but first let’s talk about another potential move.

After an up and down season, Colin Kaepernick is now entering the final year of his rookie contract and will obviously seek to get a big raise so the 49ers will have a big decision to make.  Kaepernick has made great strides and has come within a couple of plays of winning a Supersbowl and going to his second straight one, but with the type of talent that this team has put together on both sides of the ball, these are plays that he has to make.  This is why the 49ers have to draft a quarterback in this year’s draft.  San Francisco has a total of 13 picks and in no way am I saying that they should use up their early draft picks on a quarterback as they clearly have other needs at wide receiver and,  cornerback, but they do have a fifth and a sixth round pick so why not take a young qb who is a pocket passer.

We all know Kaepernick has the ability to put up big numbers through the air but he has not been consistent and has not come through in the biggest games.  He’d easily be one of the best quarterback of all time if he could throw as good as he runs but until that happens, San Francisco must deal with the fact the he is one dimensional.  The 49ers passing offense was among the worst ones in the NFL and at times, Kaepernick didn’t seem to be able to sustain drives.  If the 49ers are going to pay him the money, they need to know that they are getting a dual threat, a guy that can beat teams with his arm and his legs.  They might not draft the next Tom Brady but they might draft a guy that could light a fire under him and ensure that he improves.  The Niners depend on it.

  • Dave Hinrichs

    9ers can’t pay Kaep until he proves he can win when it counts. They have made the playoffs the last three years on the strength of their defense. That won’t last forever. Until they can win shoot out type games or blowout poor teams the offense will be holding them back from winning it all.

  • Russ Button

    Kap’s passer rating has more to do with his lack of making mistakes than it is his passing. Take away even one of his turnovers in the 4th quarter of the NFC Championship game and it’s the Niners who are in the Superbowl.

    It’s typical of mobile young QBs that they run a lot because they don’t see the whole field and work their progressions. Could it be that because Kap runs so well that he’s not had to work to find the open receiver? QBs like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Joe Montana, Tom Brady have been successful because they extend plays long enough to find the open guy. For the most part, Kap hasn’t been the kind of QB to extend plays and find the open guy. Not that he hasn’t, but when he scrambles, he’s just as likely to run with it than throw it. Russell Wilson scrambles to extend plays and does an exceptional job in finding the open guy.

    Kap’s great gift besides his running is his arm strength. He makes throws that Alex Smith can only dream of making. But his accuracy is questionable.

    If Kap can learn to be more of a throwing QB, hit his receivers in stride and throw to more guys than just Crabtree and Boldin, he could become the truly great QB we are all hoping for. The reason the other receivers don’t have the numbers that Crabtree and Boldin have is that he doesn’t throw to them. I think that Kap can become that truly great QB, but we’ll have to wait until next season to see if that happens.

  • Christopher Roberts

    SF stop being predictable on offense and defense.

  • onparade

    how about greg roman….

    • Christopher Roberts

      He needs to wake up a little more!!

  • Niner Nation

    Kap was 10th in passer rating. Not great, but not bad. He’s certainly not “one-dimensional.”

    • Christopher Roberts

      no Not One dimensional just 1 1/2, needs help and more experience in looking away for primary targets and his check downs, be a little more calm in the pocket, dont get rattled.

  • kjwpark1117

    Gore may be another player too be replaced, as his age is catching up with him.

    • Kotohiki

      That’s why they drafted Marcus Lattimore.