Boston Celtics awful season continues

boston celtics


The Boston Celtics are getting harder and harder to watch this season, as they not only continue to pile up losses, but they are “accomplishing” these feats in an ugly fashion. As stated many times before, this isn’t surprising in the least, regardless, it is still unbearable to behold.

The offensive output of this team has been less than futile recently, as they’ve lost their three games this past week, while not shooting 40% as a team in either of those three games. Their defense has remained in the middle of the pack, something that doesn’t sound astounding, but with the players on the roster it is definitely an accomplishment.

In regards to the Celtics offense, the thought of all-star point guard Rajon Rondo all of a sudden making them significantly better has proven to be laughable. Even with Rondo at the helm the past several years, the Celtics offense hasn’t been any better than league average (and that was with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen). The truth is, that after Garnett injured his knee in 2009, the Celtics offense was never the same. So, with Rondo struggling since coming back, it comes as no surprise that the entire team is struggling even more so.

If you look up and down at the roster, there really is no offense to be found on this squad. It’s up to Brad Stevens, and the coaching staff to manufacture points out of this team. Jeff Green has been especially terrible as of late, throwing up bricks left and right. The sooner they can get Green off the team, the better. He will provide highlights every once in a while, but besides that he is quite useless. He can’t consistently score, not a sound defensive player, an atrocious rebounder for someone with his size, and athleticism, and not a particularly adept passer either. This was a player once thought by some faction of Celtics fans to guide the Celtics, alongside Rajon Rondo into a prolific future. Those thoughts have to be cringe worthy to those folks now.

The only thing the Celtics should be doing the rest of this season is playing the young Celtics as much as possible. That means getting Kelly Olynyk, Vitor Faverani, Avery Bradley, Phil Pressey, and Jared Sullinger out there as much as possible. I can almost guarantee the Celtics front office would actually prefer this strategy, as not only do you get these young players a bunch of experience, as there is nothing at stake as far as the playoffs are concerned, but it would most likely continue to help in piling up the losses, putting the Celtic’s in better position for a higher draft pick.

The coaching staff on the other hand is more likely to want the more experienced players out there in order to maintain some sort of competitiveness in these games, although, to be quite honest, there really wouldn’t be too big a difference, considering how awful they already are. If Brad Stevens does ever lead the Celtics back to glory, he will savor it even more so considering where he started.