Los Angeles Lakers pathetic season lingers on

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This has to go down as one of the more pathetic seasons in the Los Angeles Lakers history. There weren’t great expectations to begin with but at the same time, there just hasn’t been any glimmer of hope in this disastrous season. Honestly, as an NBA fan, you might have more fun watching one of the better D-League teams. Yes, they are the Lakers, and that normally means that they aren’t down for long, but this seems to be a hopeless situation for the near future for this franchise.

The Lakers best player, Pau Gasol, injured his groin, and will be out at least a week. If you gave Gasol some truth serum, I’d imagine he’d say he wish he’d have torn it all the way, therefore he wouldn’t have to play the rest of this season. He is out of Los Angeles at the end of this season, so it probably doesn’t affect quite as bad, but I’d imagine this has to feel worse than even some of those dark days with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Kobe Bryant still is out for an indefinite amount of time, and besides the fact he desperately wants to climb the all-time scoring list by passing the point totals of Wilt Chamberlain, and Michael Jordan, even his legendary competitiveness might not translate to a situation this rough. Considering the extent of his injuries the past couple years, and the cumulative wear and tear he has taken over the course of his career, it would seem idiotic to come back this season. I doubt Lakers management wants him to come back for this season, but with Bryant’s infamous personality, you never know what he will do. The best thing he can do for the Lakers right now, is start recruiting for higher caliber players to try and help out the Lakers organization, while he starts to see the retirement line getting closer and closer.

Kendall Marshall, an early season pick up, has continued to pile up the assists, and has maintained a decent shooting percentage as well, which is one of his biggest weaknesses. If he can continue to play at a league average level, I’m sure the Lakers would be thrilled with that development, considering they picked him up off of the scrap heap.

Jodie Meeks has continued to shoot prolifically from three point range, and has maintained a very good average while doing so. I’m sure there are a few teams around the league that would love to pry him away from the Lakers, as an instant long range offensive option, off of the bench. That would really maximize his production, as he shouldn’t be a starting shooting guard on a quality team.

Jordan Hill has also continued to put his price range at a place where the Lakers aren’t willing to keep him, as he will assuredly get overpaid by another desperate team. He could be a great presence off the bench for a contender, but he just doesn’t add wins to a team with no real talent like the Lakers.

This nightmare season will be over shortly for the Lakers, but not fast enough. If they land a top draft pick, I’m sure that will give Bryant a bit more pep in his step for next year, something Lakers fans would love to see.