Minnesota Vikings ponder trading up in draft

Pardon the pun.

The Minnesota Vikings currently sit with the 8th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and the topic of discussion in Minneapolis has been the quarterback position. Rightfully so, the Vikings haven’t had a franchise quarterback since Daunte Culpepper Minnesota Vikings(Brett Favre barely counts, people) and after the failed experiment of Christian Ponder, Ziggy Wolf is left looking for answers.

Well, don’t look too far Ziggy. The 2014 draft is packed full of exciting QB prospects. There is no Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson, possibly not even close, but for desperate teams looking to fill the void, this is the year.

You would have to think the top 3 prospects, Manziel, Bridgewater and Bortles, will be drafted top 10, possibly top five. Minnesota might miss out and be left with Derek Carr, a good, but borderline top-10-worthy, signal caller.

That is why I feel they should try and trade up to the number one pick, and draft Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel. The Vikings have an extra 3rd round pick from Seattle, thanks to the Percy Harvin trade, and pairing the 8th pick, two 3rd rounders and a 4th round might make the Texans consider. This all, of course, depends on whether the Texans want a QB for themselves, as new head coach Bill O’Brien has spoken highly of UCF’s Bortles. But let us just imagine.

I have liked everything I have seen out of Bortles. He is raw, very raw and with only one true season as a college starter, it is hard to gauge how he will continue to develop. He is blessed with outstanding processing speed, accuracy, touch, poise, and has that “it” factor of improvisation and instincts. If he can put it Minnesota Vikingstogether consistently, he is very much worthy of the number one pick in the draft.

Many compare him to Big Ben Roethlisberger, thanks to the mid major pedigree and intimidating stature. If that is who the Vikings brass believes will be the franchise QB of the future, I would not disagree.


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However, Manziel is a player that doesn’t come along very often. Pair him with the talent that Minnesota has around the ball and watch out, things in the NFC North just got a little more interesting. Plus, can you imagine the read option with Manziel and Adrian Peterson? Deadly.

Manziel proved a lot this year in college, he improved his footwork, accuracy and even his arm strength. His sixth sense is unlike some we’ve ever seen, and his ability to extend plays might mean damage against opposing defenses, especially with the speedy Cordarelle Patterson running around.

Does he need a lot of work still? Yes. Is he a gamble? Hell yes. But in my opinion there is no other way to ring in a new coach and stadium then with the most exciting and intriguing player in the draft. Hey Ziggy, can you imagine the ticket and jersey sales? I see dollar signs.

  • James

    Are all you guys smoking crack, or did I stumble onto a web site in Bazarro World where everything means the opposite?!

    Carr as a #1 pick?? He played for Fresno State. FRESNO STATE! First time he faced an NFL style defense what happend? He turned into Ponder. Just in case I didn’t get this out there. FRESNO STATE!

    Manziel is a horrible fit for Minnesota’s offense, especially now that Turner is at the helm.

    MN should trade up for Bridgewater if they can, if not, take a linebacker at #8 and Murray, Mccarron, or Carr in the second. Yes, Carr will still be there in the second.

  • ks

    Trading so many draft picks is not a solution. It creates problem somewhere else in defense, offense or special team.

  • Carsen Johnsen

    That sucks!!! But yeah now there is no doubt we are moving up!!! So we move up to #2 and it will cost us 1st both 3rd and 4th to get there i bet!! I believe the only spot that will cost a 2015 pick is #1 and thats to get clowney. Now the question is who to pick Manziel or Carr? After watching more tape on both of them I like Carr because of his ability to make every throw among other things. Carr has the strongest arm in the draft, his accuracy is amazing and his intensity is just what we want!!!! But it is Johnny Football and I believe any team that passes on him will be kicking themselves! His natural abilities is like nothing we’ve seen before!! So do we take the freak not from this planet or pick the guy who in my mind looks a lot like Tom Terrific Brady? Any thoughts ?

    • Mnstorm99

      I personally am not sold on Manziel. Talented? No doubt. But, I am not sure if he fits into Norvs offense’s we have seen before.
      I like Carr, do they need to move up to #2 for him? Maybe. The draft board has a lot of changing to do yet. Early on Carr is my favorite of the bunch.
      Another thought is that Cassell is trying to get a new contract with the Vikings also, possibly. I am not sure that Norv and Zimmer will want to go into the season without a good veteran on the roster.
      Or, Cassell is headed to Houston, and they continue to evaluate Keenum. Houston has a lot of holes to fill as well.

  • Mnstorm99

    Everything just changed as reports are suggesting that Cassell will void his option. So, now the Vikings are left with Ponder. So, now what?
    I may be getting one foot on the trade up board now, and being aggresive in free agency for defense.
    Ryan Mallet? Is he in worth anything yet? Very unknown.

    Cassell just flipped my entire way of thinking upside down.

  • Fran

    Probably cost a 2015 first rounder

  • Carsen Johnsen

    HAHA everybody in here has had some interesting comments but think logically on a lot of these topics

    1. The value of the first overall pick is dependent on the players available. The reason the Redskins had to give up so much is because of RG3s draft status. It will be a lot less in this draft because nobody has the status of Luck or RG3!! not saying i agree with it but its the truth!!

    2. There are 4 QBs in this draft that are worthy of the 1st overall pick ( Manziel,Bridgewater,Bortles,Carr) now you may think that one or more of these guys are not as good as the other but they all have characteristics of a starting QB in the NFL. My personal opinion in that Manziel and Carr are 1a and 1b but its hard to judge Bortles fire and x factorness its intriguing and watching Bridgewaters poise and intelligence is amazing for how young he is. Carr is almost like a vet having the most game time. He is a polished QB with great strength and control, he is by far the most sure fire prototypical QB in the draft, even his brother had potential to be great if he didnt get his head bashed in his first season!!! And Johhny haha well what can you say this guy has a ceiling that i dont think we’ve ever seen!! Its going to be fun to see how his career unfolds BOOM or BUST

    3. Everbody needs to understand that what we looked like last year and what it is going to look like next year will be completely different even with same team because of the new coaching staff. We have a lot of needs but so does every team ( yes even the SeaCHickens ) the most important is the captain of the ship and thats a QB of the future ( Post AP ) next year we could probably get by with Cassel maybe but it would be nice to have another option. Dont put all the pressure on the draft there is so much talent in free agents this year and its kind of coincidentally a lot at the positions we need!!

    4. I dont know about you guys but I for one am really excited about where the viking are headed across the board! Spielman finally has the guy to balance the corporate and the rough and tough side of football in Zimmer!!!! Spielman has a great eye for talent and a nack for getting it but now we have someone who is proven to be able to build on that talent (Zimmer and coaching staff).

    • Mnstorm99

      Good takes. I have a couple thoughts.
      1. Agree 100% on Luck, but is RGIII at that level? I could see some of the guys on this list being at the RGIII level.
      2. First round probably, but I am not sure that they are all top 10 caliber. Of course this list will change over 100 times in the next few months. I personally like Carr #2 behind Bridgewater, and the mocks now have him possibly lasting until #8, which is another reason to not trade up.
      3. Zimmer will probably improve a bad D, but it is hard to see with the current secondary and LB situation. I do like the thought of Barr or Mack in a Zimmer system though.
      4. I do agree the direction seems to be good, but I just don’t want to slow that down by trading up for a QB.

      • Carsen Johnsen

        1. I personally think that RGlll had an off year with the coaching staff situation being what is it was. This time last year they both were all they were hyped up to be
        2. Yeah top 10 talent all depends on needs of teams cant be compared to other drafts! I keep going back and forth on what the vikes should do at 8 and its really tough this year. I personally think its between moving up to #2 and getting Manziel barring Clowney goes #1 which I think is a lock and or going defense with #8 Barr or Mack and then moving back into 1st to get Carr. I like the D then QB but its risky!! Looking at all the picks after 8 with no trades the only team that scares me about waiting on Carr is Titans. The Titans are an unknown right now. Maybe Cardinals but there running out of time and are over cap right now so there going to lose a few big names to free agency ( Dansby to Vikings :) so they have other positions to worry about .
        3. Yes Zimmer will make the D significantly better with his knowledge of the game and presents but Norv Turner and his system is perfect for the weapons we have. Finally we have a coaching staff that we can be proud of. At least on paper I dont remember the last time I looked at our staff without having a glaring weakness!!!
        4. Like i said with the free agents this year I think were going to be able to wiggle in the draft a little more than normal. My guess is that we will land C Verner or C Grimes, S Whitner or S Byrd, There are some good MLBs and DEs too.
        4. So that leaves us with OLB and QB and it would be great to get Barr and Carr but I not sure if spielman wants to take that chance. So moving up to get Manziel is the likely option and i say Manziel and not Bridgewater because in my opinion emphases on my opinion Manziel will be the top guy after combine. He has all attributes to blow people away at combine and bridgewater will be scrutinized on his release and small frame.

        • Mnstorm99

          1. RGIII is fantastic, and had a sophmore slump (coaching staff issues are valid as well). But, I still have a hard time putting him into the same class as Luck.
          2. I like the idea of Barr/Mack then trying to trade back for Carr if he is still available.
          3. I agree that this staff is exciting, and I do think the offense will be vastly improved in Turner’s system, even with the current pieces (assuming Cassell stays). But, the D has SO MANY holes, I am still going to be skeptical. For all of this, I don’;t want to trade away a draft for a QB.
          4. We can only figure to land one or two decent FA, and I would prefer to focus on the secondary with this.

    • beavwarius p

      i am sorry but all of these qb’s have value, but all are developmental picks at best. no Andrew luck. Pro level ready to play qb.

  • gagu

    A move from 8th to 1st would start with 1st round picks in ´14 and ´15. Two 3rds and a 4th maybe could move up to 5th.

  • Decease

    When you don’t know where you are going – either with this story and/or its logic – any road will get you there. Who hires these clowns to write garbage like this?!? The Vikings went down a blind alley like this years ago with Hershel Walker and we all know how that turned out. On second thought, maybe it is the best and quickest way to get rid of Rick Speilman. On further thought … YES!!! Follow this “brilliant” correspondent’s advice Rick.

  • Arron

    MANZIEL FANS NEED TO WATCH SOME TAPE!! He can make some big plays but he is careless with the ball, has quickness but lacks speed, his throws are easy to defend because his ball takes longer to get to receivers. He is a slower, weaker armed Mike Vick. He will have some big games but will cost you plenty more. Not a franchise QB outside of name. Not in the same class as Russell Wilson coming out of college and he wasn’t drafted until the 3rd!

    • YeahRight

      Go look at his 40 yard dash time idiot. He ran a 4.4X. So you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • jim

    And manziel,is absolutely not the answer at quarterback for the Vikings the man will never last in the NFL he’s a joke.plus he is way too small he will get killed.

  • jim

    Either way ponder has to go he sucks as a quarterback.Keep cassel and get another veteran back up and then get a young gun that can sit on the bench for 1-2 years to learn. work on our needs right now,secondary defensive line offense of line.

  • blakeolson

    Why do you have to use the word ponder in the title? hurts a little bit. But I think it would be worth it to trade the entire rest of the draft to get a pick in the top 3. AP isn’t getting any younger, lets not waste another several years on another Ponder.

    • Mnstorm99

      A young QB will take up the rest of Peterson’s prime to develope. Improve the defense (epcifically CB & OLB) for your best chance to be better next year. Cassell is serviceable, and fits Turners offense very well while a young 2nd or 3rd rounder can develope. This Defense is WORSE than the Offense. Trading away a draft for a single higher pick will kill this team for years.

      • blakeolson

        a young marginal QB would take that long, not a top tier one. Look at Russel Wilson, or Andrew Luck. Both much better than Cassell out of the gate.

        • Mnstorm99

          Wilson is very good, and I would be very happy to get a guy like him (what round did he go in again?). But, the Vikings defense can’t even come close to carrying the Seahawks defense’s water. There is not a talent like Luck in this draft, but Indy’s D is almost as bad as the Vikings.
          Vikings have way too many holes to move up, and I personally believe Bridgewater MIGHT be the only guy that won’t need some development time.

  • beavwarius p

    with little chance in the nfc north,the Vikings would be better served by trading down, stockpiling some picks and building a line for cassel/ponder , or getting vick. this team needs db’s ,the dline is dead in dog years, and the linebackers are getting long in the tooth. special teams is atrocious.

    • blakeolson

      Vick? really? Aren’t you tired of getting a washed up QBs in the last couple years of their career? Vikings need a young franchise QB that can be the answer for years to come. Cassel/ponder have proven they are not worth wasting another year on.

      • beavwarius p

        vick or whomever is a stopgap only. not the qb of the future. injury issues aside, draft and develop a qb while rebuilding both lines, develop players for long term plan of competitive play. vick/cassel wont make vikes a playoff team.

    • George Pierpont

      Special teams is the least of our problems!

    • Mnstorm99

      Vick is, and always has been terrible, and I want no part of him.

      Cassell will be better in Turner’s offense and could easily buy a good development year for a young QB.
      A QB is a must in this draft for sure (in the first three rounds), but the Defense has more glaring holes to fill.
      Viking special teams is their only possitive unit IMO.

  • Zach Haugen

    Ummm this whole article doesn’t make sense to me. First of all…it would take way way way way way more than that to get first overall pick. Like maybe trade one of those fourth round picks for next years first round. That is a lot to give up for an unproven player. Plus, manziel doesn’t fit turners offense at all. i mean it would be fun to watch him on Vikings but doesn’t make sense for them. Both bridgewater and carr make much more sense than these guys. I just don’t see how its worth it. It only works out if they become flat out studs.

  • Dale Alden

    I wouldn’t call Culpepper a franchise quarterback either.

  • jamed

    I’ve been saying this the whole time”Move Up for Manziel” is the slogan we need to get Ziggy to here. Imagine the new fans that would come to watch Manziel,Peterson and Patterson it would be electrifying to watch. Bottles NO he’s been put this high up cause of the media..