Pushing the Envelope

Pushing-the-EnvelopeAfter a long hiatus from being on the internet radio I am once again back hosting “Pushing the Envelope”, which will air each and every Sunday by CLNSRadio, and can also be heard by going to BlogTalkRadio starting at 10:00 a.m. EST. On my first show back just one guest, Ty Ray, but does he have a lot of information… used to cover the Broncos, now lives in Seattle, and is co-host of a show with Nick Gelso. It’s like the good, the bad and working with the ugly (just kidding!).

PTE1Besides the Super Bowl, which we will cover plenty with my guest, I will discuss the messes that the Olympics in Russia and the World Cup in Brazil are becoming, will speak about when a rivalry in sports goes over the line and of course my shout outs to regular people around the net that make following/watching/listening to sports a lot more fun. And if along the way something else comes up, I might just talk about it as well, cause we all have to remember, this is “Pushing the Envelope”, where we never sit on the fence on any discussion.

So, before sitting down to eat them nachos and devour them wings as Denver and Seattle go at it, come hear yours truly and my great guest Ty Ray discuss the Super Bowl. And if you want to chime in, please do, at (347) 215-7771. It felt like yesterday when we were all waiting for the pre-season to be over and for the National Football League to “get it on”. Well, they will do so for the last time this season today, and they chose to do so after my first show back!