VCU Basketball: Juvonte Reddic with a 3-game double-double streak

Taking a break from all the Super Bowl Sunday talk, Juvonte Reddic deserves a shout out as he sits on a 3-game double-double streak. Senior, #15, Juvonte Reddic has been a source of stability during his reign under Coach Shaka Smart. He uses his body and ability to shoot with both hands around the basket to his advantage as he runs the post.

Senior, Juvonte Reddic celebrates the teams win over the Kansas Jayhawks (Photo Credit: REUTERS Mike Stone)

Senior, Juvonte Reddic celebrates the teams win over the Kansas Jayhawks (Photo Credit: REUTERS Mike Stone)

Some fans may say Reddic has been looking as though he’s holding back. This appears to be true, especially in games such as the devastating loss to George Washington. Reddic looked as though he was hesitating to play big and draw fouls. Reddic didn’t foul until 9:02 left in the second half. Although VCU would struggle with their big man fouled out, it almost seems as though he was holding back too much with such a late foul. Who knows his reasoning, but with teams putting extra defense on him, Reddic will have to pull out some more aggressive moves if he wants to keep his numbers up against talented A-10 teams like Saint Louis.

Reddic is averaging 12.2 PPG, 8.3 RPG and he is shooting over 50% of his FG and FT shots. Numbers like these don’t lie, Reddic is a key component in Coach Smart’s plays, and he takes advantage of Reddic’s size. Reddic has achieved three double-doubles in his most recent games and scored 18 points in the game before those against Dayton. Watching Reddic gear up and stay on top consistently shows his strength and growth as we near the most exciting time of the season, March Madness.

VCU Rams- Juvonte Reddic (Photo Credit: AP Photo)

VCU Rams- Juvonte Reddic (Photo Credit: AP Photo)

One thing fans would like to see is a higher PPG average from Reddic. Breaking the extra defense and getting shots up will largely change VCU’s games. As in-conference ball is in full swing and as VCU climbed to #2 in the A-10 this week, the Rams will count on veterans like Reddic to keep stepping their game up. With the season getting more serious Reddic appears to be on a roll and will be using his size to snag rebounds and sink shots more and more.

VCU takes on Rhode Island at home on Thursday at 7:00PM. The game will be aired on CBS Sports Network.

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