Boston Celtics: Jeff Green has been a disappointment

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When the Boston Celtics traded their center, Kendrick Perkins, to the Oklahoma City Thunder for forward Jeff Green in 2010, they had envisioned Green as a rising star that would be a great offensive weapon. Green, to start off with, was fairly decent. In 26 games with Boston, Green averaged 9.8 points per game in 23.5 minutes of play, according to

Unfortunately, the next year Green would be diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm and would have to undergo open heart surgery. With this, Green would miss the entire 2011-12 NBA season. The following season, Green would be pretty productive coming off the bench. In a season where stars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s minutes would be limited, Green would average 12.8 points per game and a career-high field goal percentage from three. Green started to seem like the player the Celtics wanted him to be.

This season, Jeff Green has been incredibly inconsistent. Green has had games where he’s shot very well, drive to the basket, and get to the free throw line. Also, Green has had games where he’s done all three of those things very poorly. If Green is to be a viable option for the Boston Celtics, then he needs to show that he is capable now.

Many Celtics fans are getting impatient with Green’s bipolar play. Heading into this season, Green, now starting for Boston, was supposed to be the rising star that with Rajon Rondo would lead a team of young players. With Green averaging 16 points per game and a career-low field goal percentage at 42%, he has been quite a difficult player to be relied upon.

At this point, the Celtics should truly consider trading him. He does not benefit the team at all. In a trade any asset, player or picks, would be an upgrade. The Celtics should really consider this because they are in rebuilding mode. This is the perfect opportunity to take this kind of gamble to improve the team for future seasons. Jeff Green has had his moments in the league. He has had his series of highlight dunks and impressive offensive games, most notably was his 44-point performance against the Miami Heat last year in a losing effort. Nonetheless, Jeff Green obviously has great potential to be a premier player in this league, but when will he start? His time is running out.

  • Celts Fan In TN

    Could it be he isn’t playing hard because he’s on a bad team? I think he has the talent. He doesn’t have any motivation here because were not going anywhere. Put him on a better team i think he will perform well.

  • Tallgeese

    Green would be a GREAT third option on a team like the Nuggets, Wizards, or even Cavaliers. But I totally co-sign this article.

  • Devonte

    Green,Bass, and Bradley to Philly for Turner,Young, and E.Williams in February.

  • Robert Howard

    I agree completely, Green Has had enough time to showcase his game and it definitely lacks consistency.

    • Nicedog

      If you follow Celtics’ game it ‘s not all Jeff’s fault. Stevens at times as kept him out of games to long. He can not get in a rhythm sitting on the bench for long minutes. Yes I agree he needs to be more aggressive. There is no doubt he is the best shooter on the team.