Eagles made playoffs for one reason: Nick Foles

(Photo by: Al Messerschmidt)

(Photo by: Al Messerschmidt)

It came as no surprise to most die-hard Eagles fans that quarterback Nick Foles was named MVP of the Pro Bowl in Honolulu last Sunday.

After beginning the 2013-2014 season with the Philadelphia Eagles as Michael Vick’s backup quarterback, Foles became the starting quarterback after Vick’s injury and began leading the team to victory.

Breaking records during the season and helping the team win the NFC East, Foles and the Eagles made it to the first round of the playoffs where they were eliminated by the New Orleans Saints.

Foles entered the Pro Bowl game late in the third quarter and threw a touchdown pass to Jordan Cameron, the Cleveland Browns tight end, giving Team Sanders a 21-14 lead.

Although, Team Sanders didn’t come through with a win after a touchdown pass from the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Alex Smith, gave Team Rice the win, it proved just how the season went for Foles.

Foles was the comeback kid in the NFL this season. Without any plans of becoming the starting quarterback, Foles made his way up from the backup bench to a well-known, threatening quarterback. Foles threw 27 touchdowns and only two picks in the 10 games he played in. With the way the beginning of the season was looking for them, would the Eagles have made it to the playoffs without Foles? Probably not.

It was Foles time to shine in week five when Vick went down with a hamstring injury against the New York Giants. He entered the game and threw two touchdown passes resulting in a Philadelphia win. In week six, he continued to show his talent with three more touchdown passes and a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In week seven, people began to doubt the success of Foles after a 17-3 loss against the Dallas Cowboys. Foles left the game with a concussion which brought Vick back on top for the week eight game against the New York Giants.

Of course, Foles came back to make his move again. In week nine, Foles tied an NFL record by tossing seven touchdowns in an Eagles’ win against the Oakland Raiders.

Seven touchdowns. Without extra points, that is 42 points. Wow. For someone that was being doubted after his performance just three weeks prior to this game, that was an eye-opening moment for football fans everywhere.

Foles started all of the last eight regular season games where they only lost once. Foles welcomed Philadelphia back into the NFC East competition where they competed closely with the Dallas Cowboys for the division title. In a gut-wrenching 24-22 win against the Dallas Cowboys in week 17, Foles threw two touchdowns and received a quarterback rating of 124.4.

The Philadelphia Eagles took the NFC East division title for the first time since 2010 and gave themselves a spot in the first round of the playoffs.

Foles threw a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the playoffs, but the Saints came back last-minute to make it a 26-24 loss for the Eagles.

Without a doubt, this season was still a memorable one.

Looking at it from a Foles perspective, it was a season all about reshaping, remodeling, and learning. With Chip Kelly completing his first season as the head coach, the team made it known that they are a threat in the NFL. With big-time playmakers like DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Riley Cooper, and Brent Celek by his side, it is expected that Foles will shine just as bright in the upcoming season.

By the looks of it, Foles could be celebrating a different kind of victory next year and hopefully it is one that will be celebrated with the entire team, not just individually.

  • Michael L Keith

    Wow so LeSean McCoy had absolutely nothing to do with the Eagles playoff run! Foles played well but against mediocre teams! He torched mediocre defenses but become predictably ineffective against good defenses like Dallas, New Orleans heck we didn’t beat Dallas they gave us the game as the defense caught on to Foles and stopped him rather easily! He became more concerned with over protecting the ball instead of trusting the talent around him! He held the ball too long and either took sacks or penalties for intentional grounding! As a born and raised Eagles fan the Eagles have never really had an offensive line where the QB can sit in the pocket like Brady and Foles is Brady-ish! We need a gun slinger like Farve who will fire the ball and not take a sack! And no I am not hating on Foles he is a good QB with the right offensive line just don’t think it will happen in Philly! But there is hope because Matt Barkley who Chip Kelly was smart enough to draft as opposed to being force to face him with Dallas has worked under a mediocre USC offensive line his entire college career and isn’t afraid to pull the trigger and trust his receivers. He had three impressive drives against a good defense but made rookie errors as he was a rookie thrown into the game without reps! I am telling you Barkley is a special kid and a better fit to be the Eagles future

    • steve

      Really? Matt Barkley over Foles?

    • Hend Salah

      I don’t know if I’d credit Nick Foles for the whole thing, but I agree with Steve. Barkley over Foles?