La Liga of Ayza

Miguel Ayza gaves a red card to Cristiano Ronaldo at Bilbao vs. Real Madrid.

Miguel Ayza gaves a red card to Cristiano Ronaldo at Bilbao vs. Real Madrid.

Once again, Miguel Ayza on a controversial performance at La Liga took all the attention than the great football performance at San Mames from Athletic de Bilbao and Real Madrid.

Now this is not to argue that Cristiano’s red card was unfair, but when it comes to delivering justice, Ayza is unfair.

A referee must be fair, but Ayza rarely does this part of his work. At least , with Real Madrid he always is looking to do things like he did yesterday.

A red card should be given for all players involved in a fight and not to a single player without consulting what really happened.

Now these days referees have more technology with cameras watching everything that is happening, and they have the support of an extra referee.

We continue seeing controversial referees in La Liga and their poor work ruins the game.

13 games and a record of 49 yellow cards on Ayza’s games shows that there are enough reasons to worry about it.

No one is talking about the good game that Bilbao did in the first half. Very few people talk about the excellent counter attack of Real Madrid on the first goal in San Mames. Much less, no one talks about the spectacular goal of Gomez to tie the game.

Referees are to dispense justice, everyone knows that, but what is unacceptable is that referees such as this gentleman are always seeking to be the diva of the game and the MVP of the match .

The best referee is the one who’s not noticed in the game and let the game to flow on harmony , but when it has to judge it must do it with justice and equitable manner.

It’s a shame that referees like Ayza are more worry to appear on the main papers and football talk shows on the weekend than performing with great quality.

An average of 4 yellow cards per game from Ayza is something that the Spanish football federation need to take on consideration and take referees with such high numbers into scrutiny on their performance.

Performances like the one seeing yesterday at San Mames gives a sensation that Ayza is looking for a moment of glory instead of working with quality.