Monday Marquette basketball mailbag: Can they salvage the season?

In another installment of Monday Marquette Mailbag, I tackle some questions involving the direction of the team. After the loss to St. John’s, the Golden Eagles appear to be in a free fall. I attempt to explain where they go from here. Feel free to send me your questions for next week’s mailbag at my Twitter account @KapN93. Also, check out my radio show this Wednesday from 11:30-1:00 PM CT on

“What is the ideal starting lineup? Should we abandon the front court heavy lineup and feature a more guard oriented style?” Sam S @sam_asalways

If it was up to me, I would start John Dawson, JaJuan Johnson, Todd Mayo, Deonte Burton, and  Steve Taylor Jr. I guess this answers your second question about whether or not Marquette should go with a more guard oriented style.

To be honest, my ideal lineup has no strategic significance to it. I would treat the rest of the year like a baseball team treats a rebuilding season; play the young guys the most. The St. John’s game proved that the upperclassmen do not have the passion they have had in past years. Instead of playing them meaningless minutes, in what is becoming a meaningless season, start seeing what you are working with  next year.

“Do we still have a chance to get into the NIT?” Chris C. @GRANtorino_13mumen05ofx wood

I tweeted during the St. John’s game how weird is it that Marquette basketball is on the bubble to make the NIT. After the loss to the Red Storm, it appears to be a long shot that Marquette makes it to the NCAA tournament. Naturally, fans have started looking at what it would take for the Golden Eagles to make the NIT.

If Marquette wins the games they are supposed to, and lose to only Creighton and Villanova, they are a shoe in to play in the consolation tourney. If Marquette loses more than three of their remaining games, start looking forward to playing in the CBI and CIT. (ever heard of those tournaments?)

“What do you expect Juan Anderson’s role will be moving forward?” Jeremy K @30kaps

In my unbiased opinion I believe that Anderson’s minutes will continue to diminish for the rest of the year. Anderson has only seen more than nine minutes three times in the past eight games. With Steve Taylor Jr and Deonte Burton playing more often, Anderson’s PT has been cut. If the past two games provide any indication for the rest of the year, Buzz will play the underclassmen more minutes in order to perceive where they are at in their development. Buzz already knows what he has in Anderson: a solid defender with an incredible motor that does not bring much offensively. Anderson’s negatives outweigh his positives and he serves no purpose on a rebuilding Golden Eagles team.

“Will your prediction stand true for Tuesday?” Casey C. @TooSpicyCuri

As Casey also pointed out in his tweet, I am now 0-2 in predicting games since I wrote them out before the Providence game. For the upcoming game on Tuesday, I predicted that Marquette will beat Butler 68-59. After the pitiful performance against St. John’s on Saturday, I have been rethinking my stance. However, I still think that the Golden Eagles pull out a victory at the Bradley Center.

Playing at home will factor enormously into the outcome of the game. If Marquette can control the pace of the game, while shutting down Khyle Marshall and Kellen Dunham, it should be a cake walk to victory. That being said, if we have learned anything from this year’s team it is that they never follow expectations. I will not be surprised if I am 0-3 at the end of Tuesday night.

“What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?” Steve W @Harris2005tebow

Hands down it would be the Tim Tebow T-Mobile no contract commercial. Tebow could be doing a spot for organic vegetables and I would be entertained. I do not know what it is, but I believe that Tebow can do no wrong. It has nothing to do with his whole religious persona or how he handles negative criticism. I believe Tebow is sneaky funny and the commercial did a great job of displaying that. My second favorite had to be any food related commercial. I am also a sucker for those for obvious reasons.