Mexico Soccer: Hopeless rendezvous; Carlos Vela breaks the last straw


The anticipation of Carlos Vela’s return ended with a shot of silence. Disbelief was plastered on the faces of hopefuls as the Real Sociedad striker yet again declined the opportunity to represent El Tri this time at a World Cup.

Vela might have broken the last straw. No coach in the near future will consider Vela a viable option for El Tri if he lacks commitment.

Perhaps Vela no longer foresees a future with El Tri.

If Vela does have any traces of desire to return then he’s done very well to hide it. This decision will certainly contaminate his future possibilities with El Tri, that is, if he has any of course.

He may have change of heart a few years from now, become completely devoted to El Tri. But no one knows what the future holds.

Vela’s great form allowed him to control his future with national team earning call ups left and right.

As an athlete one lives good moments and bad ones. Arsenal was definitively a bad moment. At Real Sociedad he has finally surfaced as the outstanding player he is, but he has no clue what hurdles may arise in the future. Injuries being the most common of problems. So, why not take advantage of the moment? Why pass up on a World Cup?

Certainly there have been a lot of missing pieces to Vela’s reasoning. Perhaps we don’t know the whole story. If that is the case then Vela should have been upfront about it from the get-go. Vela always knew what his decision would be.  So why string along supporters to the very end.

Mexico with or without Vela has an array of players that can make surprising impact in Brazil. The one man show never existed. So it is safe to say that Vela’s absence will not affect a team that’s been without him since 2011.

Vela has moved on perhaps its time for everyone else to do the same.