Miami Dolphins: Same old he said, she said



Hide your kids, hide your wives; Richie Incognito’s three month suspension with the Miami Dolphins has been lifted, and he is backing Jonathan Martin “100 percent.” Wait, What?

Jonathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins organization with pay back toward the end of October as a result of an alleged cafeteria prank, and in the beginning of November, news surfaced about him being in the middle of a racially charged bullying scandal with fellow Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito.

Jonathan Martin’s agent came out with a number of reports accusing Richie Incognito and other Dolphins players of harassing Martin. As a result of all the information that came out, Dolphins management suspended Incognito and quickly tried to sweep the issue under the rug. Teammates and fellow members of the organization refused to answer any questions on the subject.

The heat of the scandal started to die down as the Dolphins made a run at the playoffs and after both Martin and Incognito cut deals to delay the court hearing, but after the failed playoff attempt, and now that their season is over, Martin and Incognito are back in the headlines with new information that does neither of them justice.

The media has been going crazy ever since Incognito’s attorney Mark Schamel released over a thousand text messages between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito to CBS, and now they’re surfaced all over the internet. The messages show that the two had a “unique” relationship. Martin and Incognito would basically go back and forth talking about partying all night and chasing after girls, however, keep in mind that the messages are extremely more vulgar than I’m explaining it to be. For example, Incognito sent a variety of texts declaring his love of strippers.

Incognito was definitely more of the party animal than Martin, but there were a number of times Martin went along with his antics. They both seemed to have a jovial relationship, and both took turns ripping on one another’s race and sexual orientation. This subject was clearly a major theme between the two.

After Martin’s sudden departure from the team in October, Incognito texted Martin to see how he was doing.

“I miss ur stinky armpits.” Incognito said jokingly, “How u doing buddy? Feeling better?? I miss us.”

Martin responded with texts telling Incognito about his situation, and Incognito replied back sympathizing with Martin.

Incognito then sent a message with an attached cover story of the harassment allegations asking Martin to respond. Martin stated that he didn’t have anything to do with what the media was saying. Incognito’s back was up against the wall, and he asked Martin for help.

“I need you buddy I’m getting killed in the media.” Incognito pleaded, “Bro can we talk? The dolphins are talking about releasing me”

That was the last surfaced text between the two, and Incognito is clearly seen left unaware of anything going on.

So what does this all mean? Was Incognito completely unaware of Martin’s discomfort? Was there another side between the two beyond the text messages? Is Martin being overly sensitive? Or is the media just blowing this whole story way out of proportion?

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. I couldn’t care less about this story. I hate seeing it all over the sports media, and I hate that it has reached the mainstream because of its ties with bullying.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m against bullying. I feel bad whenever I see those suicide videos of bullied kids; I was bullied when I was younger, but it’s a harsh reality of life, and I understand that it’s never going to go away. It won’t because people aren’t perfect; people are going to be mean: that’s just the way it is.

Child bullying is one thing, but these are two grown men. Richie Incognito is 6-foot-3 and 319 pounds; Jonathan Martin is 6-foot-5 and 312 pounds. They are two big dudes, and they’re acting like a bunch of sissies with this whole he said, she said nonsense. If they don’t know how to handle themselves like men, then that’s their own fault.

Incognito should know how to treat a fellow teammate, Martin should know how to stick up for himself, and if there’s a problem in the locker room then someone should stand up and do something about it. If Ryan Tannehill wants to be a franchise quarterback, then first he needs to learn how to control his locker room, and the same thing goes for the coaching staff.

How can Joe Philbin and other coaches claim to know nothing about this issue? What kind of coach are you if you don’t know what’s going on in your locker room? I call bull on that one. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady would never let anything like this go on in the Patriots’ locker room. That’s right I said it, and it’s true; that’s why they’ve dominated the AFC East for the past decade.

The NFL is now investigating the scandal, seeing if they need to take any further action against the Dolphins organization. The only happy camper in this mess is former general manager Jeff Ireland who left the team back in January. If the NFL chooses to bring the hammer down on the Miami Dolphins, then he and I should get together and share a laugh.