New York Yankees: Derek Jeter participates in drills

New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter took on-field batting practice and fielded ground balls at shortstop for the first time since the injuries he sustained cut his 2013 season short.

New York Yankees

Derek Jeter (photo credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America)

What does this mean for Jeter? What about for the Yankees? For one thing, it means we might be seeing more of this as the season approaches, but also that the Yankees are making all the right moves for a strong spring 2014 season. From landing Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka to helping rehabilitate Jeter, the Bronx Bombers are actively pursuing success, the same success they’ve been feigning for during the last two years.

As for Jeter, this kind of action shows his ability to pull himself up by the bootstraps and continue to work hard for himself, his team and his fans.

“Everything is good so far, knock on wood,” Jeter told reporters.  His remarks show his personality and his faith in the healing process. The leading man went on to claim that it’s his job to be ready to play, “I remember when I was 35, and everyone said that was it. He can’t play anymore. End of my career. So, it’s really nothing different. Eventually, somebody is going to be right, you know what I mean? You’re going to run out of numbers.”

These words came from the superstar himself and have given fans a sliver of insight on his positive outlook on his future despite what many would have estimated to be his last season nearly 5 years ago. Jeter continually prepares himself for preseason action as the season rolls closer by the day. After all we are a measly 8 weeks from the Yankees’ season opener on April 1st.

New York Yankees

Derek Jeter (Photo Credit: Frank Franklin/AP)

If you’re a fan of the Yankees at all you already know that Jeter wasn’t active in the first 91 games of the 2013 season, and when he started back up in early July he felt pain in his quadriceps which took him out again until July 28th when he returned for 3 games but strained his calf. At that point he was on the bench until August 26th when he rejoined the Yankees lineup until the 7th of September when the Yankees staff told him his season was over due to the injuries he had sustained.

Jeter’s improvements so far this offseason are impressive, and overwhelming sighs of relief can be heard around the world as fans begin to focus their attention on the rebirth of their beloved team and the rehabilitation of their team captain.

The Yankees captain has chosen to situate himself at the minor league complex until the first full squad, big league workout on the 20th. In the meantime the pitchers and injured players will begin workouts on the 16th, giving Jeter 4 extra days to recoup before starting back into his preseason routine.

Everything is starting to come together for the MLB team and its staff, and fans have visions of home runs dancing round in their heads with only 2 months to wait for that warm spring air to ring in the Yankees first game of 2014 against Houston. Until then we will be waiting and watching as the team pieces together their perfect lineup and winds up the players for a busy spring and summer.