Boston Celtics: Midseason report card

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The first half of the season has come to a close and the All-Star festivities are approaching. It is now time to look at how the Boston Celtics have fared this season. They currently sit at 17-33, which puts them 4th in the Atlantic Division.

Boston is one of the worst teams in the NBA, but some of the players have performed quite well. Let us take a look at some midseason grades. Keep in mind; players that are no longer on the team or have not played enough minutes to prove significant are taken out of this report card.

#0 Avery Bradley PG/SG: A-

Bradley has performed quite impressively this season. He is known around the NBA as one of the best on-ball defenders in the game, and that has not changed this season. Along with his stellar defensive play, Bradley has improved his offensive game dramatically. Bradley is one of the best all-around players on this team, but health is the only question.

#7 Jared Sullinger C/PF: A

Sullinger has undoubtedly had the most remarkable season of any Celtic. Close to averaging a double-double, Jared Sullinger has been consistent all season long. He is quickly turning into one of the best at his position.

#8 Jeff Green SF/SG: C+

Jeff Green was asked to be the star of this team while Rondo was out with injury and he has been, for the most part, a disappointment. Green has been incredibly inconsistent. He shows sign of stardom and then follow that with signs of major ineffectiveness.

#9 Rajon Rondo PG: B-

Rondo missed most of the first half because of an ACL injury, but since being back he has shown signs of his old self. Celtics fans should hope that it will not be too long until their star point guard is back to his superstar capabilities.

#11 Jerryd Bayless PG/SG: C

Bayless has been somewhat of an eye sore in Celtics games this season. He comes off the bench to take eight shots a game and has not been great at all. If anything, he has been no upgrade from Jordan Crawford.

#12 Chris Johnson SF: B+

Johnson was signed by the Celtics to two 10-day contracts until he recently was signed for the rest of the season and deservedly so. Johnson has been a nice surprise for Boston. He uses his toughness and great athleticism to his advantage. Let us see what he is capable of for the rest of the year.

#26 Phil Pressey PG: D+

Pressey began the season fairly well, but has recently sunk. Pressey has been extremely ineffective this season, averaging 2.2 points per game and 2.6 assists in 13 minutes (according to The bright side is, at 22 years of age, there is still plenty of time for improvement.

#30 Brandon Bass PF: B

Bass has always been underappreciated in his time with Boston. He plays tough and consistently. Bass has seen a spark rise in his stats from his career averages. He is having a quietly great season.

#38 Vitor Faverani C: D

Faverani had a stupendous start to his NBA career this year, but has fallen off quite dramatically. He has struggled to stay on the team as he has been jumping from the Celtics to their D-League Affiliate, the Maine Red Claws, quite often.

#41 Kelly Olynyk C: B-

Olynyk, the Boston Celtics’ first round draft choice this year, has shown signs of great development. Although he does not play often, Olynyk has been productive. Celtics fans should look forward to Olynyk’s bright young future.

#43 Kris Humphries C: B

Humphries has been surprisingly productive for Boston this season. He eats up good minutes with tough play. He has shot very well this season and has been a plus for the Celtics, despite the negative connotations that surround him.

#45 Gerald Wallace SF: F

Wallace was nothing but negative about being traded to Boston and he has been nothing but negative for the team this season. He plays a lot of minutes and is an extreme head-scratcher. Wallace goes through mental lapses throughout games and has earned himself the lone “F” on this report card.