Golden State Warriors: Splash Brothers in full effect

golden state warriors

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (Photo

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are widely considered as the deadliest shooting combination in the entire NBA and as a result of their tremendous ability to rain down jump shots, these two marksmen are currently atop the league in three-pointers made.

The Golden State Warriors are currently 29-20 and in 7th place in the Western Conference but don’t let their conference standing fool you. Golden State is a team that possesses arguably the two best shooters in the NBA.

One of the biggest things that opposing coaches must highlight in the game plan is attempting to stop Curry and Thompson from lighting up the scoreboard. Strong emphasis on the word “attempt” because these two assassins are torching teams from behind the arc on a nightly basis.

Over the course of the season, Curry and Thompson have combined to hit a total of 298 three-pointers. The Warriors have only played 49 games so far, so just imagine how many trifectas that Curry and Thompson can knock down by the end of the regular season.

Let’s break each player’s numbers down individually.

Curry has knocked down a league-leading 154 trey balls. In the 46 games that Curry has played this season, he has managed to also lead the NBA with 3.3 three-pointers made per game. By getting up 8 threes per game, it is quite clear that Curry has been given the super green light to let it fly from just about anywhere. However, head coach Mark Jackson can’t complain when Curry shoots 40.2 % from downtown.

Curry is so deadly because he shoots for a purpose and it’s almost like the court is his playground and the basket is an ocean. The best thing to do is just say a prayer for whoever has to guard Curry because a guy who can handle the ball like him and make baskets at will is just too good to contain.

Next up is a 6-foot-7 sharpshooter with range that is out of this world. Thompson is in second place in three-pointers behind Curry, managing to make 144 shots from downtown. That isn’t too shabby! Thompson is shooting 41.0 % from deep and is attempting about 7 long range bombs per game. A guy that gets up that many shots and can shoot with such fluidity like Thompson is one tough cover.

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Honestly, what do Curry and Thompson do when they get up in the morning? They literally shoot teams out of the building. Of course, there are guys such as Ray Allen and Kyle Korver that have earned the right to be called some of the best shooters in the NBA but Curry and Thompson are really on another level.

There is a reason why these guys have millions of people referring to them as the “Splash Brothers”. Curry and Thompson are just relentless with the shots that they take.

Some players miss a shot and then stop shooting. Not Curry and Thompson though! They just keep shooting and shooting.  They just have no regard for the poor guys standing in front of them on defense. If NBA fans are looking for entertainment, then all they have to do is turn on the television or take a trip down to Oakland because Curry and Thompson can put on a long-range extravaganza anytime that they hit the hardwood.