New York Giants: Jermichael Finley a hit or miss?

New York GiantsIt’s no secret that the New York Giants are scrambling for new chances to redeem themselves next season, and their pending decision to drop Hakeem Nicks isn’t their only attempt at a brighter future. Giants safety Antrel Rolle had been reportedly trying to recruit Jermichael Finley as New York’s new tight end.

This is seemingly a fantastic idea on several counts. Finley has a great history in the NFL, dating all the way back to his first seasons with the Green Bay Packers. In 2009, Finley gained 676 yards in only his second season. Although he only gained 301 in 2010, he came back stronger and more than doubled his yardage to 767 in 2011. In the 2013 season, he fell once again to only 300 yards.

Finley hasn’t been meeting the bar he set for himself lately, but given his recent history, this is obviously subject to an easy rise and fall from season to season. His ability to come back from a drop gives him enough credit as a player to make it onto any of the top teams in the NFL.

However, do the Giants really need a new tight end? Brandon Myers, the current New York tight end, has only been in New York for one year. In the past, he has played for the Oakland Raiders, and in 2012 alone he gained 806 yards, up 655 yards from his 2011 total. This past year, he moved on to the Giants and fell to 522.

He has Finley beaten out by more than 200 yards in 2013, and 139 in 2012. Myers can’t be solely blamed for the dropped passes, because in reality the Giants as a whole have delivered an unfortunately awful season.

And what right does Rolle have to go off recruiting a new tight end, anyway? Has he forgotten his own performance this season? Regardless of how well he did for himself, he was still on the losing team. If they’re going to start making unnecessary changes, maybe it’s time for Tom Coughlin to find a replacement for him. Too bad he has another year left on his deal.

It’s undeniable that the Giants need to make some changes this year, but they have to be careful what these changes are.

Finley ultimately decided to stay with the Green Bay Packers, much to Rolle’s dismay, but this decision may have been a life saver for the Giants. Not everything is a mess in New York, right now. There are other issues that are in need of Coughlin’s attention.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It’s a cliché for a reason.


  • G time

    Myers can only complete the play as called. If it’s a dink or dunk it’s the call. Why not use his development as a pass catching TE? The I line was decimated and you’re counting on a tight end to hold it down? Then run a two tight end offense. Nice to know Rolle can effect another man’s way to feed his family and be a GM?

  • CJ

    Ummmm. Rolle had one of the best years of his career. Myers is due way too much money for a guy who can’t block. Finley should cheaper and is a well round player at that position.

    • Jessica James

      Many NFL players take a lot money. Perhaps too much. Rolle had a good year, maybe, but he still didn’t do much to help his team make it far at all. Coughlin’s not worried about getting a new tight end when his current tight end is fine. You can’t take the entire team and throw it out. That makes no sense at all. Changes have to be made, yes, but that has a limit. Taking on Finley was an unnecessary move.