Columbus Blue Jackets: success before Olympic break


It’s always exciting when your team starts playing really well. When they become a team that plays together and gives it their all in all 60 minutes of a game, and that is exactly what the Columbus Blue Jackets (29-24-5). In the last couple months the team has gone from one that was easy to defeat to a competitive team that plays aggressively throughout the entire game.

It truly is amazing how far the team has come. While they struggled in the beginning of the season in the second period and had a weak presence during their Power Plays, they now take advantage of the puck whenever they can, and have come together to make some pretty amazing plays.

While the team lost their last game before the Olympic break, the level that they have been consecutively playing at has been exceptional. At their last home game before the Olympics on Saturday, February 1st, they played against the Florida Panthers (22-29-7) in front of a packed crowd and gave the fans exactly what they were looking for. That night was all about the offense, both Ryan Johansen and Boone Jenner had multiple point games and Nick Foligno scored the teams third goal at a pivotal moment to give them the cushion they needed. The final score was a 4-1 Blue Jackets win which can be attributed to both the amazing offense played and the outstanding work by goalie Sergei Bobrovsky.

The teams following three games have not been as exciting as that amazing home win, but they have continued to play competitively and win all but their last game. While none of their wins this week were blowouts the team has continued to play strong and together.

When they’re hot they’re hot, and right now is the perfect time for the team to be on a streak. As they take the next two weeks off from NHL games they will get the rest that they needed for most of the past month.

As for right now, all we can do is cheer on our boys that play in the Olympics and hope that the rest of the season has nothing but exciting, memorable times for the Columbus Blue Jackets.