Positive developments for Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have won their last three games, against three opponents that are pretty terrible. Regardless of the fact they haven’t beat a quality opponent in awhile, it is still impressive, considering on most nights, even against the bottom dwellers of the league, they often are the less talented team.

One of the biggest developments during this stretch is the continued ascendance in the play of Jared Sullinger. He has been a double double machine, doing his best Charles Barkley impersonation for an undersized power forward, being able to dominate on the glass and having a varied offensive approach (Obviously Sir Charles was light years better). It is still questionable as to how high a ceiling Sullinger actually does have, he has generally had a very good year, but he still does struggle at times with lengthier players at his position. It all depends on how the Celtics view him going forward; do they believe he can be one of the central pieces of a championship contender, a bench player on a contender, or someone that they will dangle out as trade bait in order to gain assets?

I’d lean more to a bench player that could be a valuable cog on a championship level team. It remains to be seen with how Danny Ainge feels, though I’d be willing to bet he’d love to keep Sullinger as a key piece moving forward with the franchise.

Another big development in the past week has been a return to form from Rajon Rondo. He played exceptionally well in the first two games of the week against the Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers, until sitting out for precautionary reasons against the Sacramento Kings.

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He seems to be getting his endurance back as his minutes have escalated, and with that extra playing time, and getting the rust of his games, his all around talents have begun to show once again, as he flirted with triple doubles in both games. It remains to be seen what Ainge will do with Rondo, it seems as though the general manager appreciates his competitiveness (probably reminds him of himself in his heyday of the 80’s and early 90’s), and his talent. It just seems inevitable that Rondo will be dangled out there though, to see what the Celtics could get in return. If that particular team offers a boatload of draft picks and a couple expiring contracts, it might be too tough to pass up. It would be unfortunate for Celtics fans, as Rondo has been a tremendous player to watch during his time with Boston.

Jeff Green had a monster game against the 76ers, shooting the lights out from behind the arc, and rebounding the ball. This could be taken positive development, as it is, but it also highlights the annoyance in which many Celtics fans feel. That game was book-ended by two games in which you wouldn’t have even noticed if he was in the game. Hopefully, for Ainge, there will be a team out there blind enough to take Jeff Green, as he is nothing more than a tease.

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  • vivificguy

    As Stevens continues to grow as an NBA coach his team will grow as a team. He is still growing into his position. When the trade deadline is over, I think we will see more progress and each player will start playing their best. I think the Celtics should have grabbed Bynum when they had the chance. Team development is more important than winning, but the team will be different in a couple of weeks after the trade deadline. I can’t wait to see what Ainge does.