Pushing The Envelope (02/09/14)

Pushing-the-EnvelopeSince I made it through the first episode without being fired, today “Pushing the Envelope”, which will air each and every Sunday by CLNSRadio, and can also be heard by going to BlogTalkRadio starting at 10:00 a.m. EST.

PTE1On today’s episode we will cover the saying good bye to the best run sport industry, the National Football League, and hello to what seems the worst, the Olympics (don’t drink the water!). We will check out the college basketball scene, maybe even speak about the National Basketball Association, and of course I will give my regular shout outs! And if along the way something else comes up, I might just talk about it as well, cause we all have to remember, this is “Pushing the Envelope”, where we never sit on the fence on any discussion.

So before you settle into your Sunday routine, come listen to yours truly on the second episode of “Pushing the Envelope”, and if you want to chime in, please do, at (347) 215-7771.