Minnesota Football: Jeff Jones tops solid recruiting class

A year of suspense ended on Wednesday as Jeff Jones, the biggest recruit in Minnesota, decided to sign his letter of intent with the Gophers and stay home.

Minnesota’s recruiting class ranked 9th in the Big 10 and that’s not great, but keeping Jones at home was true win for Minnesota, especially when it comes to future recruiting.

This is the first time in over a decade that Minnesota has landed a prestigious in-state recruit like Jones. Minnesota, historically, has not been an appealing place for big time recruits to commit, but with Jones signing, things may be on the verge of changing.

Hopefully Jones can become a star with the Gophers and influence instate talent to commit. I really think that this is a sign for Minnesota that great things are on the horizon.

Minnesota Football

Jeff Jones is staying in Minnesota to play with the Gophers!
(Photo Credit: 247sports.com)

The 2014 class also has some other promise to it. Minnesota filled its vacant positions at the cornerback position and also added a couple of stud receivers that will certainly be poised to make an immediate impact on the offense.

In the future, I expect better recruiting classes from Kill, but Kill also has a knack for recruiting under the radar type players. That’s how he was a success as head coach with Northern Illinois.

Instate talent looks to be getting better and better in Minnesota and with Kill at the helm and Jones around for the next couple of years at least, the likelihood of a lot of these guys committing to Minnesota looks to be more probable than ever.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Gophers were someday competing for a Big 10 title? I think that Kill has begun a new era of winning football in Minnesota.

Hopefully the players he recruited in 2014 can be the guys held responsible for the Gophers making major strides in the Big 10 and bringing a championship to the great state of Minnesota.