Is This The Most Exciting Premier League Season?

With less than fifteen games to be played in the season, the Premier League can obviously boast that their version of the competition may be the most exciting league in the world or even perhaps ever.  Everything from top to bottom, teams can’t afford to take their foot off the pedal due to the fact that their league position can change with instant effect.  Take Liverpool for example, they lead the Premier League for some part of the campaign and with one loss, they dropped to third place.  So the expectations are always going to be high considering that there are about seven teams currently fighting for a top four finish to gain the coveted Champions League spot.  These teams include Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Spurs, and Manchester United.  Only four of these super talented teams will make it into the Champions League this season, so it leaves us with the question, is this the most exciting Premier League season ever?

The Premier League boasts a lot of exciting talents from Wayne Rooney to Eden Hazard to Mesut Ozil and many more.

Ozil has heavy expectations since his club record fee move from Real Madrid.

Ozil has heavy expectations since his club record fee move from Real Madrid.

Along with these great players, expectations come at a all time high.  With these expectations pushed so high its easy for some players to not show their best form on a consistent basis where they sometimes let their team down.  Mesut Ozil arrived at Arsenal with a hefty price tag and expectations were always going to be high.  He has only contributed one assist and registered no goals since the defeat to Manchester City.  Confidence is at a all time low for him and will certainly need to pick it up in order to get himself on the good side of the Arsenal faithful.  

David Moyes

Manchester United boss needs to turn things around quickly.

Most of the burden is brought on the players but managers can get just as much or even more criticism than what their players get.  David Moyes replaced the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson which meant the expectations were always going to be hard to fulfill.  Currently, Manchester United sit in seventh place and are in a poor run of form with only having won two matches in their last six games.  With the team performing so poorly, Moyes may get the sack even though he is possibly working with one of the most weak midfields inside the top seven teams that are top of the Premier League at the moment.  Although, Moyes won’t be judged too soon by the board until the summer where new signings are set to come and revamp this Manchester side.

With the most interesting part of the season coming into play soon, the contest for the top four will prove to be an exciting encounter and a huge victory for the teams that qualify for next year’s edition of the Premier League.  Sides like Everton, Manchester United, Spurs, and possibly even Liverpool may miss out on the competition but with heavier competition to win like this coming fast, don’t be surprised if this will turn out to be the best edition of the Premier League.  Or are there more to come?