Philadelphia 76ers soon facing draft decisions

The Sixers really need this break as they come off two brutal losses. After getting blown out 123-78 by the Clippers in LA, the Sixers paid a similar visit to the Golden State Warriors where they lost 123-80 – a combined 88 points. They are the second team in NBA history to lose two consecutive games by 40+ points. The other was the 1993-94 76ers, of course.

But Philly fans should stay optimistic because the draft is nearing, and the Sixers now have the second worst record in the NBA. Needless to say Sixers fans couldn’t be happier. But who should the Sixers draft?

The Sixers already have a talented young point guard in Michael Carter-Williams, and they drafted a defensive presence in Nerlens Noel. Their biggest need is a big-time scoring wing. This won’t be an easy call between Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins, but the Sixers need someone who can be a reliable scorer.

Jabari Parker has been a consistent scorer throughout the season

Jabari Parker has been a consistent scorer throughout the season

Wiggins was projected to be the No. 1 pick going into this season, and for good reason, but I think the nation will be shocked if the Milwaukee takes him over Joel Embiid. Parker might be the better player now, but Wiggins is the better athlete, and his potential still seems like it is through the roof.

Parker is averaging 19.2 points this season for the Blue Devils, and although Wiggins is averaging just three less points at 16 points per game, there is little doubt that Parker has shown he is the better pure scorer. Wiggins has hit over 20 points just seven times this season, compared to 14 for Parker.

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If the Sixers feel as though they are ready to compete next year they will go with Parker, but because they aren’t expected to do well, Wiggins may be their guy.

The chances of Evan Turner returning next season are slim, as the Sixers are expected to draft his replacement at small forward/shooting guard in the draft. With Turner entering free agency, the Sixers will likely just like the former No. 2 overall pick walk.

And because the New Orleans Pelicans owe the Sixers a first round pick, they should take Duke’s 6-8, 180 pound small forward Rodney Hood Look for them to go with a skilled wing who can shoot the ball. Why not make it a Duke double-dip for Sam Hinkie who grabs Hood at this slot. Hood has length and can make shots from deep.

The Sixers gen an offer on the table for Evan Turner, and it involves a first round pick, they would be wise to pounce on it. Even if it is a late first round pick it is a better asset than Turner, who is a free agent this offseason.

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