VCU Basketball: The call that ruined it all

VCU is still mourning the call that ruined it all in Saturday’s game against Saint Joseph’s. No one wants to be “that fan” and blame a lost game on one single call. But VCU fans can’t help putting some blame on a bad call in the final minute of the game.

Treveon Graham has been a relentless comeback star this season. Graham hit an amazing 3-point shot to win against UVA and sunk a jumper that gave VCU the fire for a 10-0 run to comeback against Saint Joseph’s. Scoring 8-10 points during that run, Graham showed Saint Joseph’s he wasn’t ready to call it quits just yet. With a star like this VCU usually wins games that they rally and comeback in. Saturday was a different story as their fire was destroyed by a terrible call.

Treveon Graham pushes through UVA players to score for VCU. (Photo Credit: P. Kevin Morley)

Treveon Graham pushes through UVA players to score for VCU. (Photo Credit: P. Kevin Morley)

Treveon Graham stole a huge defensive rebound with 0:38 seconds left in the game and drove to the basket. With both feet off the ground on his way to the basket, Halil Kanacevic slid in Graham’s path. Kanacevic looks to have never established his feet on the ground; with his hands in the air, he took two steps toward Graham. Then, the foul was called against Graham with a charge. Video that recaps this play doesn’t show the greatest of angles. Teams are going to be bias about their views on the play, but it certainly appears that Kanacevic never established his defensive stance.

Not to mention, Kanacevic had four fouls at this point in the game. If he had fouled out as a result of a block, the game may have taken a much bigger turn in VCU’s favor. Kanacevic had been a key player on both ends of the court all night for Saint Joseph’s.

Treveon Graham of the VCU Rams

Treveon Graham of the VCU Rams

Now for the other 39:00 of the game, VCU fans do have to realize the effects of the disappointing first half. VCU scored 26 to Saint Joseph’s 34 during the first half. Saint Joseph’s got ahead and stayed ahead. Although VCU had an exciting comeback late second half, it just wasn’t enough to overcome the deficit left from the first half. Additionally, Saint Joseph’s beat VCU in rebounds, assists, blocks and overall successful shooting percentage. It would have been a tough win regardless of interference from the refs.

VCU needs to learn from this game and start out stronger earlier if they want to beat George Washington in tonight’s game. GW and VCU have tied records in the A-10 and battle for the second place slot tonight at 7:00. The game will be broadcast on NBC Sports Network.

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